Contrast Music Trailer Heralds Steam Preorders

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Contrast Music Trailer Heralds Steam Preorders

The stylish puzzle-platformer Contrast is now available for pre-purchase on Steam at a pretty decent discount.

I've been intrigued by Contrast since I first heard about it back in the summer []. It's set in a visually stunning 1920s world wrapped in vaudeville and jazz, which is very impressive in itself, but the hook is the "shadow realm" into which the lead character can step and travel. The shadow realm can be affected by manipulating light sources in the real world, which of course you'll have to do in order to progress through the game - all very cool.

Also cool is the Contrast "Music Trailer" that rolled out today, featuring one of the songs on the game's soundtrack as well as a brief snippet of gameplay showing off how Didi and Dawn will interact in the game world. A closer look at Contrast can be had thanks to the Steam [], where preorders have gone live - with a 25 percent pre-purchase discount, no less. The Steam edition offers full controller support, which I guess is good if you like that sort of thing, and includes a bunch of extras like the soundtrack, a dev diary and a 52-page digital art book.

Contrast is also being released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, if they're more your thing, although you can't throw your money at those versions just yet. Look for it to arrive on all platforms on November 15.