Critical Gaming's Year End Wrap up


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May 14, 2013
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CritialGaming said:
NUMBER 3: South Park The Fractured But Whole
God I was hyped for this game. But going on the theme with this year's bottom list, this game was just disappointing. While the combat is a big step up from the Stick of Truth, everything else is far below the bar set by the first game. The Story is lame, the jokes don't land 99% of the time, the exploration isn't as unique or fun, and the environment puzzles are stupid.
Wow, I couldn't disagree more with you about Fractured But Whole. It was just like a big episode of South Park to me. It was great. I don't understand why some people took such a disliking to it. It was just classic South Park, with absolutely tons of fan service. Seems like it's suffering from 'it wasn't exactly the same as the last game' syndrome from a lot of people to me. I can see why some people are saying the gameplay and puzzles are not their cup of tea (although it wasn't difficult), but why, as a South Park fan, did you think the story was lame? The jokes didn't land 99% of the time? What!? So you laughed at 1% of it? I'm also surprised at your BOTW choice from what I've heard of it, but having not played it myself, I can't really comment.

Anyway, in my top 5 (and I feel like I'm showing my age with some of these picks), I'm going with...

1. Sonic Mania - I don't think I've had so much fun with a videogame since I was a kid

2. Fractured But Whole - Classic South Park. I love you Matt and Trey

3. The remake of Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap - I'm so old... I love it

4. Resident Evil 7 - It'll never be as good as the orginals or REmake to me, but it was definitely a return to form in some fashion in my eyes

5. Thimbleweed Park - Monkey Island was one of my favourite games as a kid... it's no wonder I loved this. I love old school point and clicks.

I'd also throw the PS4 release of Freedom Planet in there since it's 'new' on PS4 and it's the first time I played it - and I love that game. And I like the new Marvel Vs Capcom game.

Worst - Don't want to be too negative so I'll just put Sonic Forces at the bottom. There was nothing 'technically' wrong with it, like some games in the series, but having let it stew mentally for bit, I think I was bored when I played it and I've no desire to replay the levels - which is what Sonic is for. It was a mediocre game, and that left me disappointed because I expected it to be more like generations. Oh well.

I decided not to cheat and put in older games I played for the first time this year that I loved, but I DID play a lot of them. I did the whole of the Phoenix Wright series, completed all the old Castlevanias (classic and metroidvania), did a Link Between Worlds, finished the first Gabriel Knight game and laughed my head off at Octodad. On top of this, I also actually managed to finish Resident Evil Zero for the first time and played some Snes games I never bothered with before that turned out to be amazing (play Terranigma if you haven't already - it's really worth it). I think I did FF15 at the beginning of the year as well (released end of 2016 right?). Great stuff. Worms WMD is awesome too. Did a lot of that with my little brother.

So owing to being ill this year, and basically using games as an escape from life while I tried to get better, I've actually played a lot of games I really liked.

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Feb 4, 2009
Gorfias said:
bjj hero said:
Ive just picked up a ps4 after a seperation... she got the PC and Xbox, so Im now looking forward to trying some of these titles. You're talking about.
Lot of good PS4 Exclusive games out there that many are likely cheap and new to you if you haven't played them yet.
Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted 4, The Show (Baseball) and more plus HD Remakes you may have not played.
Have fun with the thing, and, sorry about the breakup.
Cheers for the well wishes. Ill make a start on a few of those.