de-rez: Hitman


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Oct 28, 2007
CanadianWolverine said:
I know this is going to come across really strange, but I actually like this. Well, to be more specific, I like the premise. In other words, I like what it could have been, rather than what it is. Let's call it a missed opportunity and hit the restart button, this could be awesome.

If I may, here is a potential skit that could have played out instead:

Premise - Every video is to feature someone we could call "Joe" or "Jane", as in to represent someone who is from "real" life and they happen to meet characters from games - this is what I understand the setting of the videos to be from this one.

Set the scene, guy just relaxing and working out. Instead of having 47 talk, just have him show up. Guy working out wonders why this man is staring at him and tells him to bugger off. Show various items around the man working out that 47 looks at, try to imply possible uses as weapons. Have 47 keep showing up, not talking, in different "disguises", but its obvious that the man is bald and still creeping the man out. Finally, just as 47 sneaks up behind the man working out with like a piano wire, have the character from Assasin's Creed pop out of no where and do 47 in, then join a crowd of passerby or climb up a wall or whatever. Hopefully the implied would be that Joe Average is going to get it but with sudden delivery 47 gets it ... oh, and for added silliness if its felt its needed, instead of death by blade, use comedic death by cream pie and have the stoic Joe Average break into knee laughter. Could even do like a photo shoot type thing where its like a fan having their pic done with their star, standing over the pie in the face 47 with thumbs up or whatever.

Just an idea, could have went differently than say "Oy! I'm wearing your clothes!" *shrug*
That sounds like it could be really funny. :)


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Dec 1, 2007
I want to point out something. I'm the 3rd place winner, and my idea was My life, the ___ Game, in my pilot the video was ripping off an adventure game, like Return to Zork.

While it's not earth shattering that we would come up with similar ideas, I believe it lends credence to the fact that this idea works. It's the execution that needs some refining.

Here's the key I've found with making effective game videos that Hollywood and most other people do not understand.

It's not enough to make the content funny or interesting when talking about a video game - Yahtzee knows this - that's why his jokes are often times funnier than just dry wit because they (the visuals specifically) mimic the structure/presentation of the game. That's why Lego Mario (other than being a fantastic idea) has so many hits on Youtube.

My advice (take or leave it) is to keep on the idea - it's solid. What everyone is saying here about lighting and camerawork is correct, but start thinking in terms of videogame visuals. Ever seen the GTA Sketch by Dave Chapelle? The camera is in 3rd person, just like in GTA. Think in terms of the perspective of a gamer, not an idle Youtube watcher. Your jokes will be more focused and visually interesting.

Example: Third person camera angles, bad game cut scene editing and dialogue, load screens, health bars.

My two cents. May you take them and make them two million cents. Right, still not a lot of money.



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Feb 8, 2008
Although it isn't nice to have a page full of negative criticism, that's all that can be done here. This video is NOT funny.

De-rez tries far too hard and rehashes the same joke over and over. Given that Hitman is now a movie and has 4 games to pull fun at it is mind boggling that no joke really made any reference to the game?? Just walking up to the same guy saying "i'm a hitman" dressed in different clothes repetitively and getting chased at the end.

For your next movie make it more relevent to the topic that you are trying to satire, work on your timing and delivery and try and use a variety of jokes and humour.

I'm sorry, but if we don't give negative criticism then we will get terrible gags like this consistantly. Hopefully De-rez will read these and use them constructively to better his movies :)


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Jan 13, 2007
Jinky Williams said:
I think the disappointment from everyone largely stems from this being put on The Escapist, where almost all of the content is fairly polished. It was about the expectation level. This looked like the guy's first shot at this type of thing. Not that this is bad, but it didn't match the expectation for a piece with more professional production values.

Admittedly, Yahtzee's ZP is a tough act to follow. Especially so because he had already had some time to up his game a bit before he started doing stuff here.

But I'm personally excited and behind this venture and want to see it mature, and I'll be watching it every week when it comes out. I think it's to de-rez's benefit that it's nothing like ZP (it's not trying to be a game review, etc).
I'd point to Hengst2404's post. If the stuff is not polished at all, why bother with it on Escapist?


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Nov 14, 2007
i thought it was funny and not try to impress me too much. I think the whole, as Hawzor put it, "Shot in the afternoon youtube video makes it funnier".


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Jan 1, 2008
I think I'll stick to yahtzee and the articles. That was pretty poor. Sorry, but I need something more than people acting stupid and pretending to do weights to make me laugh.


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Jan 8, 2008
I liked it, I thought it was a funny satire on how agent 47 is about the most easy to spot person in the world. Where's Waldo has a better track record than 47 when it comes to being inconspicuous.

Funny video, maybe not for everyone but your doing OK.