Deathwing Brings FPS Action To Games Workshop's Space Hulk


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Jul 24, 2011
TiberiusEsuriens said:
Some day I'd like there to be a Warhammer 40K game that had you playing as something besides a grizzled space marine. I know that marketing says it wouldn't sell as well, and they may be right, but as a fan of Warhammer, humans have always been my LEAST favorite race. If you want to make a game about psykers, use the friggin' Eldar. They have all the powers of the warp and an art style that is a lot more interesting, with equipment that is a lot more variable than gun-gun-bigger-gun. Their unit movement is even more graceful, which is a major reason the big fat armor gets so annoying. If you're going to do marines, at least make it Chaos so we can use demonic warp spells and summon some monsters. It would be more interesting than the umpteenth Space Marine game.
I came here with that in my mind. What frustrates me about GW is that they have this brilliant flushed out world that almost exists in spite of their best efforts not to fully explore it in video games. We already had a Space Marine video game called Space Marine that sold pretty well because of the buzz that loyal fans generated for it (since ambitious story telling or gameplay wasn't). You can't tell me that they would not go insane for the idea of playing something as neat as the eldar instead of Space Marines again. I mean the stakes don't get higher than the fight of the Eldar. But this is the post THQ GW that seems more interested in making cheap games so I really can't be surprised they are entirely unambitious with this game as well. Well it's going to make its budgets back but unless Cyanide breaks from its record it won't be amazing.

EDIT: Btw what a dumb name for developer. Why would you name your company after a deadly poison...