Developers Building Dozens of 3D PS3 Games, Says Sony


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Mar 10, 2008
Racthoh said:
That hasn't stopped people from complaining about the Kinect, Move, or DLC, and it certainly won't for 3D (especially consider health reasons and the financial upgrade necessary). Also I no doubt expect developers to claim making 3D games adds "additional development costs" and the price of these games will rise.
Oh pish-posh, everything adds development costs one way or another, doesn't excuse lazy developing or pushing certain aspects of the thing being pushed. Just another excuse for lazy developing if you ask me. I mean, we've had motion controls for a good while now, and we still can't make anything sustainable above simple waggling? Come on, we can do so much more than that!

Playing an HD game might work on a non-HD screen for something like a shooter, but some of the RPGs I own are nearly unplayable without HD.
Again, that's more on the part of lazy developers, but I do see your overall point. This doesn't make HDTVs "standard", but you have to think by now that most households have some kind of HDTV. Hell, a quick look at Walmart [] and there's not much reason to not have one buy now. 3DTVs are still a ways away, so investing in a ~$300 HDTV ain't bad.