Developers That Rub You The Wrong Way

Harry Mason

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Mar 7, 2011
What developers rub me the wrong way? Any that make shitty Silent Hill sequels. Seriously. Fuck you, "The Collective."

Whoever is making Downpour... You'd better watch out. I'll TP your house.

Seriously? The Captchas are ADS NOW? Am I going to have to find a different website?

V TheSystem V

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Sep 11, 2009
Vanguard1219 said:
Obsidian springs to mind for their track record of incredibly buggy releases and supposedly shoddy Q&A testing.
This. Definitely this. I have only actually played Fallout New Vegas but they managed to make it buggier than Fallout 3, which is pretty bad. Plus, the list of missions being patched by their FIRST EVER F:NV PATCH was pretty astonishing. I remember there being about 43 missions or so needing patches, which was pretty remarkable.


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Sep 1, 2010
EA, more specifically DICE
They made a beautiful, funny, sandbox FPS with strong class based Multiplayer (Battlefield Bad Company 1)

and the sequel was a Bland, forgettable, linear FPS, with a stupid story, no reliance on teamwork and a huge visibility problem
honestly, i can not see more than 50 feet away because it gets all blurry or is covered in DUST!

I felt like I was playing Modern Warfare rather than Battlefield, and that was the reason I played Battlefield!


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Nov 14, 2010
activision, do i need to continue?
they've basically turned into EA but actually work as evil as people think EA works.
they just about run every thing that fall in their hands to the ground.


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Dec 13, 2009
Gorilla Gunk said:
What developers rub you the wrong way?

Going to get flamed for this but: Valve. Like their games but they take too damn long to make them. Not asking them to release a new game every year but L4D2 came out in 2009 and they've only released 2 bits of DLC for it, and both were mediocre at best. Hell, they both used the exact same last stage. Most developers can manage that many DLC's in a year. They strive for "perfection" and as Duke Nukem Forever taught us, the longer you take to make something "perfect," the crappier the final version will be. And their relationship with console gamers as been shaky at best. I suspect they just do it for profit, which it seems a lot of mostly PC developers do. 'We want everybody to enjoy our games!' Yeah, right. Don't get me started on the console release of TF2, which they are partly to blame for. Placing all the blame on MS for that is just stupid. And I hate how they've been put up on this pedestal to where nobody can ever say anything bad about them. "But they made Half-Life!" that doesn;t excuse them for doing shoddy business and making half-baked promises they never intend to follow through on. "We're going to release some community maps as DLC for the consoles!" B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.

WELLLLL~ you should be happy to get free dlc these days , i know most other developers would make you pay new maps! Plus how can taking your time to make sure a game or maps are fun and bug free be bad , you would rather have crap turned out quickly ?


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Jul 21, 2009
Vanguard1219 said:
Obsidian springs to mind for their track record of incredibly buggy releases and supposedly shoddy Q&A testing. I was able to put up with it for a while, especially with KOTOR 2 thanks to fan-made patches, but how they handled New Vegas was just embarrassing.

Seriously Obsidian, when a studio releases DLC and a patch designed to fix a broken game that breaks it even worse it's time to realize there's a problem and start firing people.
I also really dont like Obsidian they break everything they touch and im pretty sure every game they make is a big pile of bugs although the story writers are good. love the story of most there games just got to get to it thru the bugs.

Smooth Operator

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Oct 5, 2010
Honestly it seems like the corpses are piling up in everyone's basement, even Valve with it's great history is slowly learning about the joys of backstabbery, meanwhile Activision and EA are creeping into everyone's business to beat them into blind mindless slaves.

Surprise butt sex is around every corner nowdays.


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Jun 16, 2011
Ubisoft is probably at the top of my list. They haven't made anything worthwhile in the Prince of Persia series since The Two Thrones, they changed up a near perfect formula with the last Splinter Cell, and their Always-Online DRM only hurts people that actually pay for the game.

Capcom has always annoyed me with their constant re-releases, but I remember them complaining that the PSN outage is costing them money. Every other developer had to deal wih it, so should they. Not to mention they implemented Always-Online DRM even on consoles.


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Jun 8, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment they ruined Starwars galaxies.

Epic Games for calling all PC gamer thieves when we are the ones that made their unreal engine what it is today.

Ubisoft for every time they get a wild hair in their ass and decided they want to try out a new worse DRM Scheme

Obsidian Entertainment, Love your games but seriously bug test, quality control something!

Rockstar Games, for the love of god just give us a proper port of Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire.

Blizzard say why can't you come down on your freaking price tag. I get your games are good but charging 20 bucks for a game that's like 20 years old is annoying.

also what's with the captchas?


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Nov 24, 2009
Lionhead- Fable The Lost Chapters was amazing and Fable 2 was alot of fun but Fable 3 was actually one of the worst games ive played

EA: some pretty good games come out of you, but you ruined DA2, and your acting like complete utter ass holes, you cant bann a guys account and force him to buy all the games he had on that acount including DLC just because he bad mouthed you

Whoever is making the Call Of Duty games (i lost track): all the CoD games upto and including CoD 4 were amazing but everything after that sucked big time, and nothing has changed between MW2 and MW3 except MW3 has taken the bad things from MW2 and amplified them

Bioware- you may be my favorite game developers of all time, but you say there will never be KotOR 3? (Dont even mention the mmo) thats just unforgivable

Mr. Omega

Jul 1, 2010
Bioware. Don't get me wrong, their games aren't bad. I just don't like them as much as everyone else. I can make a big list, but here's my biggest problem: Biowares makes their games so that you have more fun watching their cutscenes than you do playing their game. And they have a DLC policy that would make Capcom blush.

Also, I have one major gripe with Valve: the Crates in TF2 can go fuck themselves, and whoever came up with that idea, as well as whoever is deciding NOT to get rid of them need to be fired.
Jun 11, 2008
I have become really annoyed with Square of late for release half baked games that could be improved with the tiniest of tweaks. Some of the characters in FFXII would have been given a bit more life and fleshed out more to make them more memorable. At least they have stopped beating FFVII to death and giving haters fuel to flame it.

Nicholas Woodruff

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Jan 2, 2011
Here comes the Napalm Strike, but Bethesda games.
I hate Oblivion, I can't even start playing Fallout 3 or New Vegas, Brink just makes me want to choke a small child, and their entire attempts to draw the entire mainstream into their games makes me want to burn down an orphanage.
I'll gladly say I've given most of their games a fair shot, I've put my time into Oblivion and Fallout 3, I actually closed half the portals in Oblivion, albeit very grudgingly, but I just cannot stand how their games and engines work. And if I get the chance, I very well may try Skyrim for a while, but I refuse to purchase it.


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May 6, 2009
Blizzard. I loved Starcraft, Warcraft, and what I've played of Diablo. Now? WoW. I hate MMOs and everytime I hear someone talk about WoW I want to rip their eyes out for encouraging the continued development of a shit game that has ruined a previously loved developer
Also, Bethesda. I loved Oblivion, but I cannot forgive them for Fallout. They took a good game (Oblivion) and a good series (Fallout) and somehow created a piece of shit. Also, whenever I mention Fallout, everyone I have encountered so far is completely confused when I talk about the first two, then berate me for hating a game that is dull and has horrible gameplay.
Finally, Konami, for giving Silent Hill to American companies to create horrible sequels.


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Mar 20, 2009
harmonic said:
Outcast107 said:
Blizzard. I love the games but come on. Their games are the same just with better graphics (Looking at you SC2) Their hardly any changes to their games and if some other developer try this they would get ***** out. But since this is blizzard, the creator of WoW (hate this game) no one can talk bad about them.
I'm sorry, but your comment about Starcraft 2 is completely absurd. It sounds like you haven't even played it.

For one thing, the gaming community was adamant that SC2 would not "fix what isn't broken" about SC1. There was basically no, or a negligible voice saying that SC2 should radically alter the way it handles the RTS genre.

So, SC2 keeps the core gameplay concepts, which indeed in SC1 were not broken and didn't need fixing, but with a respectable graphical upgrade, but mostly a HUGE, MASSIVE interface upgrade. It is incredibly more user-friendly, and generally modernized. And the WoL campaign is pretty enjoyable, despite the smug, arrogant cries for a better storyline. (This is Blizzard. Their games are not about fancy shmancy storylines, they're but epic and fun.)

Back on topic...

Koei is a stubborn, racist company. They snubbed the strategy crowd, not to mention the english-speaking crowd.
I knew as I said that someone would come up and say "YOUR WRONG AND HAVN"T EVEN PLAY IT!"

Sorry if I have a different opionion from you sir. But Its the same fucking game 12 years ago. The very same. Nothing new at all. Gather min/gas, build/turtle your shit. The campaign is fun, but "RPG" aspect is pretty lame. All thats different is their online. Thats it.

Also Relic, a AWESOME RTS company tries to do things different with each game. And they do it pretty well.