Does height matter anymore?


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Feb 4, 2009
Elementary - Dear Watson said:
I am a few inches short for my gender and nation. (5'7" - Male - UK) and height does matter to me when it comes to relationships. I would feel uncomfortable dating someone who is taller than me. I hate being short and even have spent a lot of time and effort ammending my wardrobe to ensure my clothing doesn't accentuate this!

It annoyed me a lot when online dating. A lot of girls state on their profiles that they would only consider men 5'9"+ or even up to 5'11"+. This kinda got old, fast, especially when a lot of these girls were 5'3"-5'5" themselves!
Given that you feel uncomfortable dating women taller than you (in which case, about 30% will be as you live in the West and you're 5'7") why exactly do you think that women wanting to date men higher than normal height any less peculiar? It seems weird that people seem to be asking women to give up their attraction to taller men, whilst men then turn around and say that having taller women puts them off.

As for me personally, I couldn't care less about the height of my partners, man, woman, neither or both. Though anything above 5'08" is kinda nice. Then I won't be constantly asked to pick stuff off the high shelf for them .... not only that we can share on the mutual pain of having to sit in bus seats being spaced a good 2 inches too close to each other, meaning you have to crook your legs at uncomfortable angles just to sit down. Or having your legs crushed by the little shit in front of you just dropping their chair down on the plane.


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Aug 24, 2010
What, in dating, or in life? I'm a 5'11" (181cm) tall woman, and while that's certainly taller than average it's not particularly striking (at least not anymore). If I'd tried out for my high school basketball team I would have been the second-shortest one on it.

Personally I like men who are around my height, give or take a couple of inches. This isn't particularly hard to find, and I will - and have - dated guys a couple inches shorter than me, so... that's the vast majority of the male population. I do find, though, that if I guy is too short or too tall it's awkward and unpleasant. I think around 5'7" is my absolute limit because I once dated a 5'6" guy and it was annoying to crane my neck down, whereas the one 6'5" I dated was uncomfortable both to kiss and in bed (he loved it though, because normally I guess for him it was usually even more uncomfortable).

My current boyfriend is about 5'8" and it works out fine.

Uh... as for life? I find men are generally much, much more respectful towards me than they are my petite friends. If they do try to hit on me, it's polite and never overbearing; I never get the outright harassment I've seen other girls get. Also, when I was working a customer service job in college, people would act like assholes to me while I was sitting down, but rarely ever when I was standing. I had this one fat angry knob berating one of my (tiny) coworkers for a mistake he'd made himself in booking, but when I walked over and looked straight down my nose at him he fixed his attitude. I was wearing 3" heels and he was probably only 5'7".

I wonder if that's a primal, lizard brain thing. I could be a conceivable threat if I got angry or took something the wrong way; my 5'1", 90lb coworker, probably not so much. The douchebags of the world move on to someone they can more easily menace as a result. (For the record, I've had similar experiences with angry butch women being assholes until I walk over or stand up and straighten, too.)


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Jun 29, 2008
Abbyka said:
In a perfect world nobody would be ridiculed or belittled by how they look. But I think if we're going to expend manpower to fix society's bigotry, it should be allocated to areas where someone absolutely cannot alter themselves in any way shape or form. Weight, I'm sorry to say, is not one of these things. It's difficult, absolutely, but you can lose weight. It's 100% dedication and willpower, and that's not just some phoney balogney jargon I'm spewing -- it's first hand experience as someone who was once 25+% pure body fat.

It was very difficult and took an insane amount of dedication to get where I am now, but I'm all the better for it and it's a feeling I wish I could bring to everyone struggling with their current body.

Maybe it's just me who feels this way, but I think something that sucks and can't be changed by a person outweighs something that sucks and can be changed. Because unless you fancy medieval torture devices you are stuck at your height.


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Jun 26, 2011
I'm the same height as you OP, and some shorter people do hold a grudge to me when we meet initially. For a select few that never wears off, but for the most part they'll make less shallow opinions later on.

For people of the opposite sex it is similar, but amplified, since guys and gals tend to approach each other on very shallow ground.

Obviously in out technological age it has and is becoming less and less of an issue.

Julius Terrell

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Feb 27, 2013
Poopster said:
I'm 24 years old and only 5'01". Being a short guy is really really hard for me. The insults i get, the ridicule, the disrespect. It's kinda depressing really because i know there's nothing i can do about it. I was born this way.

As for dating, it's just sad.
Finally someone else that understands! It's hard being a really short guy. It just seems like nothing you do will ever change your luck. Money,the gym,confidence. It just feels like a sales pitch to make you think you can improve your odds. I've seen tall guys that possessed none of those things, and still managed to get a woman. I've heard of short men with PH.D's and tons of money still struggle with women.

Hell, I've spent nearly 20 years running long distance. I'm still fitter than most people. You can't be a weekend warrior and expect to beat me at a road race. My main point is that even with such good attributes, I still go years without a date. All we short guys want is acceptance.


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May 2, 2011
Given that I measure 6'2", I've never been overly concerned by height on the dating scene.

That said, when I dated a 5'11" girl, she lamented how difficult it was to find a guy her size. Seems it was a mix of men shorter than her of or her height being intimidated and/or her refusing to date to date guys any shorter than herself, which restricted her options.