Double Helix QA Lead Hurls Obscenties at Game Media


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Sep 26, 2008
It'd be one thing if he blew-up on Eurogamer, but why did he feel the need to hurl insults at completely unrelated Kotaku, Joystiq, and Gamesp- (actually nevermind, Gamespot kind of does deserve the thrashing, even if it was from outta left field). It makes him look like a child.


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Feb 26, 2009
Chipperz said:
Why did he call them cigarettes? That just makes no sense...

On a more serious note, fag makes whoever says it look even more stupid than just calling something gay. Which is saying something. Because of this, I can't shake the feeling that Homecoming has a QA that is eight, and that colours my view of the game far too much to want to buy it now.
On the bright side if the QA is indeed eight years old ten Double Helix are trailblazers.....of sorts

Canadamus Prime

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Jun 17, 2009
Wow, I would expect this sorta thing from the immature types that frequent YouTube, but not from a QA lead for a major developer.


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Mar 3, 2009
See, this is the problem with twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. It allows you to speak your mind immediately to the entire world without thinking about it. It was bad enough when you only didn't think before speaking in private.


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Feb 7, 2008
Shamus Young said:
There are two Wii devkits, one has a flash drive that stores the games onto a solid state disk (I believe it's integrated). The second type is a typical disk reader version that has a green faceplate if I'm not mistaken. The aforementioned flash drive version has a red faceplate.

The 360's devkit's only visual difference is that the hard drive on the top seems much larger. Of course there is dev firmware installed and you connect to a separate developer's version of X-Box Live known as or something of the sorts.

The PS3 test kits I've seen are just regular old PS3s with different software installed.

On an interesting note: The PSP's dev kit is very different then the standard PSP. You get a standard PSP, but the hardware is not inside of it besides the screen and the controls. A rather thick wire runs from the PSP unit to the actual dev kit which looks like a miniature PC. The PSP dev kit runs standard DVDs.

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
I don't know about dev kits but I do know that when he put his affiliation with Double Helix out for the world to see, he also accepted responsibility for representing Double Helix even when he's acting as a private individual - such as with Twitter. Fair or not, it's the way of the world and a guy in his position should have known that.


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May 17, 2008
Soooo, Yeah that fun word, 'Fag'. Wow. anyone can disagree with whatever rating anyone gets, or even changes, but 'Fag'? Really?

Ok, so, Me figures the upsets are not so much someone saying Oopsy! I didnt review this to the best of my reviewing ability, its about a respected industry employee just being ignorant. Twitter may seem at times just a way to say something, but really folks, its to the world. And if thats all your vocabulary can handle, even if you can crunch numbers with your pulse, you need a rude awakening.

Learn some words that actually describe your frustrations eg: Ridiculous. how ridiculous is that? Stupid. Like jumping off of a cliff because you heard your mom call you in for lunch and your house is reached faster by drawing a straight line down the hill.

How does a word like Cigarette such as mentioned above, or poor slang for same sex oriented person(which really folks, is what the word 'fag' is really used to describe now-days) manage to describe your frustrations?

Great at some things im sure he is, very poor at explaining his inner feelings. He should meet someone that he might share these deep emotional troubles with, and become a better man.

Low Frost

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Nov 6, 2008
Awesome, the American Itagaki has raised his head.
While he MAY of been more "pc" about it, sometimes cutting loose and ranting from the heart is better and cathartic. If more people would be willing to jump on the bs that game devs and review sites pump out, there would be less of it.