Dyack Ponders Stepping Down as Silicon Knights President

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Dyack Ponders Stepping Down as Silicon Knights President

Too Human director Denis Dyack is considering stepping down from his company's presidency as the studio grows.

GameDaily grabbed a hold of Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack to discuss Too Human and gaming narratives and left with a new insight into the inner workings of Silicon Knights.

Dyack responded to a comment about Silicon Knight's funding for a Canadian branch by explaining, "Silicon Knights is about a 170 people right now, and we're probably going to be hiring another 80 or so. So the team is growing and it's going to be a third team. We've got this other project that's unannounced with Sega and that's underway as well.... We're growing and we've got a lot of aspirations for where we want to take Silicon Knights and hopefully take the video game industry in a good direction as well."

GameDaily asked in return whether Dyack would also be managing these other projects going on in his company.

Dyack: No, actually. This is kind of a funny thing; as the company grows, these are the kind of things you think about. I've been involved in a lot of IP creation within Silicon Knights and as the company grows, I have to look at whether I want to continue to be president and director, and I'm leaning towards staying creative. And on the other project that's unannounced I'm not the director on that project. I'll certainly lend a hand wherever I can but there's a different director and we're going to have a director for every project.

So, in the end as the company grows, for my role I'll probably hire someone to be my boss and help run the company, which is kind of a weird thing, and I actually won't run the company while I continue to work at what is the company's bread and butter, which is original IPs with great stories and game concepts that are provocative to gamers.

Source: GameDaily [http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/features/interview-sks-dyack-talks-too-human-narrative-nintendos-direction-and-the-oneconsole-future/?biz=1]