E3 2010: Kirby?s Epic Yarn Hands On


a gallardo? fine, I'll take it.
Dec 24, 2008
Greg Tito: "All right new guy, your going to the Nintendo booth, me and Susan are gonna check out MGS Rising"

I kid I kid, Nintendo had a good showing (pilotwings, whoopwhoop) seems to have nailed the co op to progress or co op to just mess with the other player, I know your meant to play together but the pull of chucking your team mate about is to great.

Lord Honk

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Mar 24, 2009
yay kirby, always fun, or at least entertaining. seems it'll stick true to that paradigm ;)
also, sorry for my nerdyness, but "epic yarn" is something i think i'd find in a hardcore knitting group, or maybe some WoW crafting item xD


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May 30, 2008
Ok acting fanboy-ish in 3....2....1

SQUEEEAAALLL! A new Kirby game! Alright!...

Ok now that's out of my system, I can't wait until I get my hands on this game.


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Sep 9, 2009
SirPumpkinLongshanks said:
Korias said:
No picture for this one? Also, if there is a "Yarn" Aesthetic, I'm getting a serious flashback to Media Molecule's Little Big Planet. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I do miss the Kirby that wasn't made of yarn... from what it sounds like, I have to agree that this would be better suited to a new IP: Something that Nintendo desperately needs if the currency fluctuations are giving them issues.
New IPs are risky, even coming out of Nintendo. If they could tailor this concept for an existing character then why shouldn't they? This doesn't fly in the face of what Nintendo has done with Kirby, or their other franchises for that matter. Epic Yarn looks right at home within the Kirby universe.
I'm not too inclined to agree. Every Kirby game in the past never messed with what Kirby was made out of (Concentrated Happiness and Gluttony), and now he's made out of... yarn. And that doesn't seem odd to you at all? Perhaps I'm just jaded in the "Oh for crying out loud must everything be a sequel?" mentality, but I do want to see new things. If you do Kirby, do Kirby. It's like how 3D Dot Heroes is basically Legend of Zelda, except worse.

The idea that you should tailor a concept for an existing character is that you're actively moving the franchise in one direction, which can end in a large outcry and possibly result in WORSE sales. Take, for example, the outcry over Windwaker's Cel Shaded graphics, or XCOM's shift into real time. While one worked and the other did not, I don't want to see my favorite puffball turn into a ball of yarn to be nommed on by a kitten. I want to see Kirby nomming the kitten instead, since that's what the all consuming thing does.