E3: Best Twitter Coverage From Thursday


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Apr 10, 2008
E3: Best Twitter Coverage From Thursday

So this past week Wednesday [https://twitter.com/#!/SteveButts] so we bring you the final day of Tweets from E3.

We suggest that you check out all of our coverage [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/conferences/e3-2012] but if you like your information in 140 characters or less you have come to the right place so sit back and enjoy!

I am looking for games to add to the ‪#tablefort‬ list. Will I find a gem today? Maybe. - Susan Arendt [https://twitter.com/SusanArendt/status/210740208205971458]

Yesterday was more table fort than table flip. What will today be like? Stay Tuned. - Sarah LeBoeuf [https://twitter.com/sarahthebeef/status/210748059913687041]

Quantum Conundrum feels a lot like Portal Lite. And I'm totally okay with that. - Mike Kayatta [https://twitter.com/MikeKayatta/status/210798809477943296]

Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Defiance. It wasn't on my radar, but now it is. - Sarah LeBoeuf [https://twitter.com/sarahthebeef/status/210790947896823808]

Deadlight is soooooo #tablefort - Susan Arendt [https://twitter.com/SusanArendt/status/210830383728697345]

The Nintendo Land games are actually pretty fun! You'll never sit around and play them alone, but they're great for parties and gatherings. - Sarah LeBoeuf [https://twitter.com/sarahthebeef/status/210801816991043587]

So, Cocked Hammers is Call of Duty: Arrested Development? Get Ron Howard to narrate and I'm there. - Mike Kayatta [https://twitter.com/MikeKayatta/status/210799361137983488]

Can't get over Nintendo not announcing Fire Emblem and then casually mentioning it last night. Are they trolling us? - Sarah LeBoeuf [https://twitter.com/sarahthebeef/status/210754982310461440]

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