E3 Exclusive: Activision Confirms Angry Birds HD on Consoles

Z of the Na'vi

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Apr 27, 2009
...isn't the entire point of playing Angry Birds to be able to do so whilst on the toilet?


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Apr 24, 2011
Ne1butme said:
gigastar said:
So Activision is shelling out to bring a flash game to PSN (again) and XBLA?

This will probably not end well for either side.
There is a precedent for this. Super Meat boy started out as a flash game and that was awesome.

That said..... ugh, no more angry birds. I was annoyed at the Kinect 3-d version shown during the microsoft conference. Can't image what can be done to vanilla AB that would make it appealing.
Flash Games =/= IOS games
The bar for the quality of IOS games is much lower (IMO), because most people who have access to it aren't picky about what games they play. Where as if you are looking up flash games to play you're gonna' gravitate towards the highest quality games. In addition you don't have to pay for flash games (usually).


NO! Angry Birds 3D is where I draw the line... again.


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Jul 21, 2010
Rovio really is a one hit wonder company, aren't they? It's starting to look like one of those mock game series you'd sometimes see in cartoons or in other games, that just aim to take the piss out of something by being the same thing released over and over with only minor changes.

Snake Boxer 6: Now The Snakes Have Fists Too!

It's a release strategy that kind of fits with what Activision is doing anyway, but even Nintendo has a better idea about extending game series than Rovio seems to. Wonder what happens when people forget about Angry Birds. Does Rovio fade into obscurity because no-one could take two minutes to care about what they try to do next, just like no-one's really cared much about any of the nearly three dozen other games they've made?


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Apr 14, 2009
SERIOUSLY? I... I... *makes noises out of frustration*........... Here... Here's a video to tell you my opinion and what I want to do to activision.


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Sep 4, 2009
Right, so Activision got its hands on a easily milk-able game. Why am I not surprised?

Here's my wild speculations:
In one corner, we have the Minecraft console adaptation.
It was cheaper than the PC version, is in HD, contains unique local server hosting & splitscreen, and comes with free content updates to get it up to scratch!

...and in the other corner, we have Angry birds console adaptation.
Will it cost 59p ($1)? Hell no! They made it HD! That's at least worth $10 flat! Will it get get free content updates? Are you insane? Are the iOS versions giving out free content? if each expansion is 59p, then Angry Birds on console will at least have to match $5! It's in HD!
The only thing I think I can make a valid assumption of, is the fact that it will have local multiplayer.

I say that all in jest, it will probably be great. that's just the light I see Activision in, and I hope for the sake of gaming they prove me wrong and actually make it $5 for the lot, and $2-3 per instalment. That's what I would call fair and even then that's pushing it for me.

Greg Tito

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Sep 29, 2005
Clearly, Activision expects to make money ham over fist with this deal.


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Feb 22, 2009
DVS BSTrD said:
Be interesting to see how they work in the chest high walls.
Mike Kayatta said:
The publishing giant just snatched up a cash cow, erm, bird.
The new Angry Cows: Utter Devastation DLC pack coming soon to X-box Live
Don't you mean... Udder Devastation?

Greg Tito said:
Clearly, Activision expects to make money ham over fist with this deal.
Guess they really made a pigs ear of this deal.

[small]Puns are all I'm good for :([/small]


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Mar 12, 2009
I've nothing against Angry Birds, in fact, I play and enjoy it, but that's because I can bring it up in the blink of an eye on a device I always have with me, play a few games to pass a few minutes, then put it away. And that's just not how consoles work, it's not what they're best at.

But, you know, if ever Microsoft implemented a game-in-game system (like picture-in-picture) with which I could pause the game I'm playing and quickly whip up Angry Birds or one of its ilk for a few minutes, then unpause and return to my game - all without having to save, return to the dashboard etc - then I'd be all for it. I often find it helpful, in certain games with difficult fights or baffling puzzles, to stop playing and do something else for a few minutes to give my brain a rest. Angry Birds and other such games would be perfect for that.


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Dec 25, 2008
I already have Angry Birds on two different handheld systems lol

neither of which is a graphing calculator tho

Mike Kayatta

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Aug 2, 2011
I wonder how that HD would work... I mean, it's Angry Birds! What could possibly improve with HD, and could Activision please explain what do they mean with HD? It's like the time I heard, and later see Minecraft in Xbox 360... So pointless.

I mean, I'm all up for releases like Minecraft and Angry Birds on consoles, but why announce AB on HD? ARGH!


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Jan 17, 2011

I mean to ask, why would they give Activision the rights to publish this as opposed to publishing it themselves?

I see no financial reason for the developers (stupid as they may be) to side with a company as horrible as Activision.


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Feb 8, 2008

I think I will stick to the free versions I've played everywhere including my browser. I'm not paying for a free game. That would be foolish.

Beautiful End

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Feb 15, 2011
But...I'm already playing it. For free. With great graphics. *Points at Google Chrome*

Seriously, unless a freakin' bird pops out of the screen and slaps me in the face, I don't see how HD graphics will make it better. It's not like we're talking about going from 64-bit images to HD like some HD remakes.

Not only that, but I can't see who would pay maybe 60 bucks for a game you can play either for free or get for a couple of bucks on your iDevice. Alright, maybe clueless parents and needy children would be into that. But the most I'd pay would be around $10-20 for a disc version. And I'm already exaggerating.

Like someone said, it would make more sense if they were released for the 3DS. It would make playing that game much easier, the 3D graphics might be enough of an incentive to get people to buy the game and kids would love it. After all, it's Nintendo. It's family and kid oriented.

See, it's one thing when you give us Minecraft, a game that you HAVE to play on the PC and you can't play for free. Well, at least not the full version of the game. But this? Really?


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May 14, 2009
Huh. That's a weird move.

Of course, Plants vs. Zombies is also on consoles so I guess I'm not too surprised.

Either way, I already have plenty of Angry Birds action here on my iPhone, so you probably won't be seeing me play this game on my 360.

Clearing the Eye

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Jun 6, 2012
I'm not sure if the Escapist is an outlying demographic, or perhaps it contains just a larger than average portion of vocal individuals who feel the need to whine every time they dislike something, but Angry Birds is the highest selling game in history and EA wants to make money. No doubt their research and development teams (consisting of people much smarter than I, or anyone else in this thread) have looked into it a great deal and expect this to be a good financial move.

If you dislike a game, why enter a thread discussing it solely to tell everyone how much you dislike it? There's a difference between discussion with varying opinions and using hopelessly inflated sarcasm in a vein attempt to be edgy. You dislike Angry Birds? Good for you. Why you feel the need to pretend it's some horrible pox upon you is beyond me. It certainly doesn't make you appear anything more than pathetic.

But I digress, perhaps sarcasm and the shallow pretense of "hardcore gaming" means something else here.

Not G. Ivingname

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Nov 18, 2009
Why do you have Activision Publish your game? I am pretty sure you could of gotten ANYONE to publish such a hot property as Angry Birds. Capcom, Ubisoft, Majiesto, Warner Brothers, EA even, somebody BESIDES Activision.

Or, an even better question, with all the cash the Angry Birds guys have, why do you NEED a publisher? Hire a lawyer to deal with all the mumbo jumbo of becoming a publisher, use your own money to fund it, and then get 100% of the profits. Ok, what ever profits you made after Finlands high taxes (nordic country and all the jaz) but still, the game has been calculated to of made 70 MILLION dollars alone, and that is not counting the massive merchandising deals, the sequel games, and all the appearances in ads. The game was REALLY cheap to make, costing about 140 thousand dollars. I am pretty sure just boosting the graphics to HD doesn't cost so much that you needed a publishers money.