EA Halts Gun Brand Licensing

Mad World

Sep 18, 2009
Zombie_Moogle said:
I'm all for fair use, & there are legitimate arguments to be made on the side of EA's stance here, but I can't help but feel like EA would sue the pants off of anyone that tried this with one of their licenses or products
I agree.

While I think that it is odd how game developers need to pay firearm manufacturers in order to use specific names in games (you'd think that it'd be like free advertising), I can't help but think of EA as cheap and slightly hypocritical, too.

It's odd, really. Doesn't Apple, for example, pay A LOT of money in order to have its laptops shown prominently in movies? Why, when it comes to video games, is it the exact opposite? I believe that that is also why Counter-Strike: Source never had the real gun names.