Egosoft's X Series Takes Over the Humble Weekly Sale


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Nov 2, 2007
I tried one of these games once, can't remember which one though. X2? Perhaps. It's beautiful, but frankly too complex, big and directionless for me. If you like simulation-games and scifi, it might be for you, though. Anyway, I think I'll pass this one up.


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May 28, 2011
Ahhhhhh this weekly bundle... draining 6 dollars every week..... though ill end up with more games than time, especially since i only get 1 weekend in 2 weeks to actually game and thats going to last till december :(

But this, this i wanted to get for a long while.

Edit: you guys make it out like this living universe is actually more than PR talk. if so, that would be the first game that does this successfully in SP, so yeah a must have then.

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
X2 and X3 are probably the only games in which I never even came close to the end (hardly paid any attention to plot missions at all, really) and still loved them dearly. I sunk hour upon hour into just cruising space, getting into the occasional skirmish, trading, ferrying people from station to station, discovering little things here and there. It feels so ridiculously, massively big and "alive," and yet for me at least, the "play it your way" thing really held true. I never felt like I was being punished for not pursuing a particular path or trying to grow beyond a certain level; I was just dropped into the universe and left to my own devices. It's a bit dense, yes (pre-X3 games, anyway) but worth the effort if you dig that sort of free-form gameplay. (And the graphics and soundtrack are absolutely lovely too.)