Eidos Pondering Makeover for Lara Croft

Feb 13, 2008
Brockyman said:
They didn't look like a bad comic book with horrible dialogue, bad set design, and comic cliches! They look like that might kinda actually happen in the real world. The sets and costumes were well done, and the support actors were terrific.
See, that's why I didn't like them. Batman is a HERO; Frank Miller's version may just have been Marshall Law.

Really Great Games? Just a passing nod to reality, imho. Fantasy/Fiction isn't and should be realistic.

Any numpty with half a brain can work out the Bruce Wayne/Batman link, but people get hung up on treating him like a Olympic Dilettante. He's the Batman, different rules apply.


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Sep 3, 2008
Underworld had 3 major problems one the replay value was non existant, the time trial mode of Ann was a great addition with the unlockable cheats plus additional challenges and the other was the massive amounts of collectable items that involved kicking random pots for the most part instead of the handfull of relics/artifacts contained in the Ann levels.
Lastly the lack of worthwhile unlockables, what? no rewatchable cutscenes/cheats/outfits/developer commentary
some artwork and that was it, very poor
most probably a x-mas rush when a new year release would have avoided major competition and made the game better = more sales


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Apr 23, 2008
nilcypher said:
Eidos may need to do something drastic if the franchise is to survive.
Like fixing the controls, gameplay and camera, problems that have existed (to my knowledge) since Legend? The game looked gorgeous, as most every title these days does. Hell, World of Goo looked good in its' own quirky way. That is not the issue. I'd go into full rant mode about it, but I've already done that once here.


Feb 5, 2008
Well, I guess this sounds pretty official. Looks like Eidos is going to let Tomb Raider go into a death rattle and bile all over itself before finally doing the humanitarian thing and pulling the plug on the whole thing.

It's a shame Lara won't die a little more honorably than she lived. Tomb Raider 2 was awesome though.


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Nov 20, 2007
TsunamiWombat said:
Honestly? I thought Legend was pretty damn good, I've yet to play underworld. What they need is more cool stuff, less ostentacious wankfactor (some wankfactor, but don't beat us in the face with it), a cool story- Laura finds something only the Knights Templar are looking for it an-oh wait thats the plot of Assasins Creed, nevermind.

Look, Tomb Raider is about... Indiana Jones with Tits. Give us some action, give us some adventure, give us the supernatural, give us combat. Maybe add hand to hand combat. Make Laura badass, let her pistol whip people. The Combat has ALWAYS been Tomb Raiders weakpoint. Give us PoP style platforming and some gunkata combat. Perhaps rewrite Laura's backstory so she spends her youth after her family dies training in the wilderness like Batman.
this. i loved legend, and if i had some fucking time, then i woulda picked this up. im really sad that they didnt sell well. cuz i love the revamp, and its a great story. plus the platforming is better than any PoP after Sands of time.


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Feb 25, 2008
Here it comes, they're going to make Lara an American called Laura.

I have an idea, let's make a Tomb Raider game focusing on puzzle solving, platforming and survival... and change the control scheme. Give her bigger boobs too...


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Nov 1, 2007
fix-the-spade said:
Here it comes, they're going to make Lara an American called Laura.

I have an idea, let's make a Tomb Raider game focusing on puzzle solving, platforming and survival... and change the control scheme. [b/]Give her bigger boobs too...[/b]
Stop mistreating the girl, she's going to develop a hunch


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Nov 27, 2007

No, but in all seriousness I believe that the problem with Lara Croft/Tomb Raider-franchaise is rooted deeper than that.

The problem is that the Tomb Raider series have always been a mediocre platformer.
Don't get me wrong, while the franchaise has been favourable in some reviews I just can't see how there is ever going to be a AAA game from it.

I think that the developers and publishers fail to understand that their alleged golden egg really isn't a golden egg. The mediocre running and jumping and gun-swinging will only get you that far.

If game reviewing in numerals can be used as an argument - their games have always been ranked between 50-70% and I really can't see how they expect any of those games to sell very well. Broadening the demographic is just not good enough for people to like the game more.

I'm sorry, but to sound harsh, if Eidos have their heads up their arses so deep they can't realize that the Tomb Raider franchaise has always been mediocre and thus will always sell mediocre, then no revamp will ever save Laura from suffering the fate that Sonic has.

And that comes with lousy camera issues, endless botomless pits frustrating the player and stupid pixel-perfect jumps required to clear them.


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Aug 16, 2008
A Tomb Raider game should be easy to get right.

Prince of Perisa + Tits = fun.

Pretty simple math.


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Feb 28, 2008
johnx61 said:
new_age_reject said:
NO they should not!
Dear god they need to let this one die.
I absolutely LOVE the original, the second and at a push, the third.
It's like Hitman, Splinter Cell, Star Wars (apart from the next KOTOR) and many other franchises that do not need any more mediocre games to try and milk some more cash.
Also the problem with the old Batmen is how camp they were and how real the latest was.
Wait, did you just call Tim Burton's Batman "camp"?

Do you even know what camp means? I think you should go look it up.

Adam West Batman = camp

Tim Burton Batman = Anything but camp.
Yes. Even the Dark Night cartoons kicked ass- awesome art, serious topics, etc. Batman beyond was a little more cheezy, but was edgy and great for giving censors eye twitches.

As a chick who grew up with Lara Croft in my life, I must say that they don't need to wipe the slate clean, they need to go back to their roots. Seperate cutscene, action. Repeat as desired.
More importantly, they really need to stop adding subtle, residual baby fat to Lara. Yes, making her look younger makes her appeal to the more primal sexual desires of man, but it messes with the formula. She needs that tight, womanly British look to, well, be her.
A big part of the older games is that she's this chick that runs around all over the world with a camera constantly watching her, who is completely oblivious of this, save for the bouts of self-narration.


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Sep 27, 2008
TheNecroswanson said:

Anyway, how to save Tomb Raider: Pair her up with Duke Nukem, and just go HEAVY METAL style with it.
Why has no one thought of this before? This is brilliant. Duke Nukem and Lara.

Unless they go with this stroke of genius, I doubt I'll be getting another Tomb Raider game. It's been flogged a little too hard. I'm turning to Nathan Drake, and hoping that he stays fresh for a couple more games. It's the same thing, but with more killing and less boobies.


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Jan 12, 2009
They can't change it too much, otherwise they're going to kill the franchise, I mean, come on...

They definately won't change the character model, we all know Lara as the big-boobed acrobatic tomb raider.

Maybe more violent combat, more fast paced traversing!


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Jul 15, 2008
Yeah, it's not Lara that needs a makeover, it's the entire series and it's gameplay. I'm biased, though. I hated the one game of the series I bought (the original), loathe the "find the exact rock to leap to the exact spot on the right ledge then do that backflip to land on the safe" thing. It's says the later games moved away from action and more towards puzzle solving? How? I guess they must have introduced more action in III and IV . . .

Guess it's the ADD element of my personality, or just the need to be entertained. I like action, and a story / plot that moves at a crisp pace.

The earlier post that a makeover should be Indian Jones + Tits + Prince of Persia hit it spot on . . .