En Route to the Post-Apocalypse - John McAfee Predicts US "Annihilation"


Nunc est Durandum
Aug 19, 2014
I know this is a bit of an aside to the main topic of discussion, but am I the only person here who thinks McAfee looks a little bit like a supervillain?
Honestly, he has that stare and overall look.
As if he'd be very comfortable to find himself torturing a british guy underneath a volcano with some kind of laser.

Congratulations on the exclusive.
It was interesting and a unique perspective on the whole issue, if a little disconcerting.
For multiple reasons.
One being the feeling that McAfee may just have superweapon aimed at all of our capital cities.


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Sep 6, 2014
While I loathe the click-bait title, the man did say it.

"I wish other people would stand up. I feel alone up here, I really do,"
Damn straight. The Snowden whistleblowing and patriot acts should have caused a LOT more uproar, and no presidential candidate is willing to respect that part of the constitution.