Epic: We Have Not Abandoned the PC


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Jul 15, 2008
The Imp said:
Yeah right. Epic backpedaling - literally. But if this Bulletstorm comes with ded. servers for online, lan and modsupport via an sdk it might become this "oh-my-god amazing PC game". Until then...
CliffyB has been doing a lot of the Bulletstorm PR, so if he has anything to say about development, I doubt there will be mod support, or dedicated servers. That man seems very determined to scream that PC gaming is dead.


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Jun 23, 2009
Meanwhile your former main IP, Unreal Tournament, is circling down the drain.

Or did you already forget the fact that UT was the game you were known for? Before you sold out to the adrenaline-fueled, trigger-happy, "MOAR SPESS MAHRINES!" crowd?

You used to be proud when a fan got the UT logo tattooed to his/her body. Now you're trying to quietly nudge the whole IP under the couch with your foot.

So from a fan who's loved you since the beginning of the Unreal series:

[HEADING=1]Go fuck yourself, Epic[/HEADING]

Chaos Marine

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Feb 6, 2008
WhiteTigerShiro said:
Chaos Marine said:
If you want to show you're still committed to the PC market, how about releasing GoW 1 and 2? I'm not interested in getting some melt-down prone mess of a machine to play one or two games.
Actually, they did release Gears 1 on the PC (or rather, they hired some other company to do a shoddy port). And Gears 2 was announced as specifically not getting a port because, as specifically stated by the president of Epic, the PC community is nothing more than pirates.

Mind that he said it in a politically-safe "I didn't say that" sort of way, but tell me that there's any other way to interpret his statement when he says that anyone with a good computer knows how to work torrent sites, and thus it isn't worth doing a PC port. Yeah...

Epic doesn't give two shits about the PC crowd, and until I see tangible proof of otherwise (IE: Bulletstorm actually being far superior on the PC like they're promising), nothing will change that.

Sorry,that was a mistype on my part, I'd meant GoW 2 and 3. Generally speaking, I found GoW1 to run quite well for me and even with every setting cranked to maximum except shadows it worked pretty nicely. Alright, I did get that issue where the achievements would spontaneously reset themselves but they were hardly integral to the story or gameplay so I didn't really care about them.