Escape to the Movies: Act of Valor


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Mar 2, 2009
Maybe there was some misinterpretation, and glorification is a more appropriate word than propaganda (or, if you prefer the more innocent variation: advertising). I have nothing against NAVY Seals, or the army in general; but this movie felt like it was catering to the COD generation more than anything and, by doing so, was advertising the army far more than most movies (and yes, I count the Transformers movies there too).

Its hard to argue about that when there are several first person scenes and kill cams. Maybe a screened version can make MovieBob more impervious to it, but there were several scenes where 14 years old were cheering, applauding, cursing and laughing at several of the deaths. I get that in John Rambo, Expendables or other exaggerated action movies, but do they ever realize how screw up and uncomfortable it looks when the movie tries to "be real" about it? I get that MovieBob is a grown up man with nothing but respect for another profession, but do people think its so far for a teenager to go from "this is awesome" to "I want to be there? Do you think is accidental? Would you be so comfortable thinking that the kids that insult you online on XBLA today are the soldiers of tomorrow?