Escapist Podcast - Comics and Cosplay: 017: Who Owns Superman? Probably Not Marvel

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Feb 9, 2009
017: Who Owns Superman? Probably Not Marvel

Marvel's comics have always been known for a certain, shall we say Soap Opera-level convolution. But the confusing mishmash that is the Marvel Universe has nothing on the Soap Opera that is Marvel itself. This week, word broke, finally, that Marvel is canceling Fantastic Four. But the really crazy thing is that supposedly, they're doing it in order to screw over Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Really? Maybe it's even true! We talk about that, as well as the even crazier rumors that Sony and Marvel might reach some kind of accord over Spider-Man. We also talk copyright law, and how and why DC's ownership of Superman appears to have been secured. Also, Ross makes a weird and boring digression to talk about Oscar Wilde.

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Mar 18, 2011
I really don't know what to really believe when it comes to Marvel dealing with the properties that have been leased to other studios. For your one topic was that Marvel was cancelling Fantastic Four because they want to sabotage Fox's movie, but then there is another rumor they might work with Sony on a Spider-Man project to help them possibly retain their license. If the first is true, the only way I can see the second happening is if it limits the duration of Sony's hold on the movies to a handful of more movies.

With the Fantastic Four movie I do agree that if they could make a better movie with the same atmosphere of the first two I think it could be really good for I don't need another superhero movie that is "gritty" or "dark" that is why I have enjoyed The Guardians of the Galaxy as much as I did for it felt so different compared to what most of the current movies project.