EverQuest Next and Planetside 2 To Use New Forge Light Engine


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Oct 12, 2010
LorienvArden said:
I hope you ment that in a sarcastic way. Otherwise, I have to point you towards Guild Wars 2.
It has the best artistic direction I've ever seen in an RPG and if it can keep half the promises it's making - it will be the holy grail filled with the elixier of eternal life, served by Nathan Fillion. Seriously, if you are looking for superb design and good looking graphics - do not miss this game. Jeremy Soule's work on the soundtrack for Guild Wars 1 is also something worth considering.
Guild Wars 2 does look impressive, and I am watching that one closely, but it's not out yet, so we can't say it proves a point.

And by the time it does come out, look at some of the single player games that will be out around then. The new Call of Duty game, Skyrim, and a handful of others have graphics that will be better than GW2, I'm sure of it.

We're getting a bit off topic from what I meant in my original post. I'm just saying that Smedley hypes his games up too much. Hype is bad for games. It may generate initial sales, but disappointment over exaggerated/left out content can kill an MMO just as fast as a buggy launch.

He needs to be more careful with his words.