Evidence for evolution


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Aug 29, 2008
I'm sorry to say it but your dad is probably too far gone you could show him all the evidence there is and you still might not change his opinion, probably best to leave him alone for both yere sakes. Unless like some people I know you cant stand when people are being willfully ignorant of cold, hard fact.


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Mar 23, 2011
Macrobstar said:
PS: I also tried "Every noteworthy scientist believes in evolution" he just said, no.
He's just wrong on that. Even if evolution is false (and all the evidence that points to it being true is just a fluke), it's still objectively true that evolution is about as well accepted in the scientific community as gravity.

It's also worth pointing out to him that the 'just a theory' thing is bullshit. 'Just a theory' implies that in science a theory is something they're not quite sure about. Cell theory, atomic theory, and the theory of relativity all show that this 'just a theory' nonsense is just a crock.

He's wrong, demonstrably so, but I wouldn't get your hopes up on him admitting it. As a rule people pick their conclusion and then contrive evidence to support it rather than drawing a conclusion based upon evidence. That's why science is usually right and most people are usually wrong.


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Jan 23, 2011
Scrumpmonkey said:
OlasDAlmighty said:
It's a common misconception that most christians believe in creationism. The vast majority of Christians are Catholic (like me) and catholics accept evolution. So believing in creationism puts you in the minority even among cristians.

I personally like to believe that science helps explain god's methods rather than refuting him. The idea that God would have to intervene with the natural workings of his own creations would imply that he made them flawed from the start, which doesn't fit well with him being all powerful.

That's why if you really want to learn about the divine creator, you should study the universe not the bible, because god actually created the universe.
Creationism, expressly "Young Earth Creationism" , is almost the soul reserve of a small group of ultra right wing evangelicals in america and very small numbers elsewhere. Islam is actually MUCH less open to the idea but that is another thread (Over 70% of people in Turkey don't beleive in evolution for instance).

Actually there is a VERY small sect of Christianity that the weird mutation of "Young Earth Creationism" comes from. Creationism as a word has been bastardised; the term in the 19th century jusr referred to ANY beleif in a devine creator. Creationist theory is mainly a 20th century manipulation of the missconceptions of well-meaning 19th century scientists attempting to reconcile their faith with science who righfully raised doubts back in a time when Evolutionary theory was in its infacny.

Here in the UK even the majority of the Evangelical Church is in no doubt of evolution. Infact you would be hard pressed to find any people who are enthusiastic supporters of the idea that evolutionary theory is wrong.
The first part is wrong. Creationism is very widespread here in the states. The South, specifically.

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Oct 12, 2009
Furioso said:
It's a theory in the same way that gravity is a theory, in that we are not sure, 100% positive on exactly how every single tiny detail of gravity works, but we still know it works and have a pretty good idea on how it works
Gravity is kind of an ambiguos example to use, in that there is the Law of Gravity and Gravitational theory. The law being that what we observe as gravity is an unequivocal fact but how that law works is theoretical.