Evite Plans Wii Parties

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Evite Plans Wii Parties

Evite helps Nintendo and gamers everywhere host Wii-themed gatherings.

Event planning site Evite is hopping onto the Wii party wagon by sharing its tips to toss together a Nintendo-gathering. Their Wii homepage [http://www.evite.com/app/cms/ideas/wii] offers ideas to get your Wii-powered party started, including awards to give to the attendees for mastering the art of Wii Sports, comfortable clothing to play tennis in and food ideas to fuel the festivities.

Perrin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing at Nintendo of America, briefly discussed the arrangement with GameDaily [http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=17077]:

[blockquote]Was the idea to have Wii-themed party invites something that Evite brought to Nintendo or vice versa?

Kaplan: Wii parties are something Nintendo has been following since Wii launched last year. We wanted to contribute to the trend by helping it to grow organically by working with Evite to suggest topics and designs.[/blockquote]