Fan Film Sends Batman to the Carnival


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Sep 6, 2008
Bad Script. Bad Dialogue. Bad Actors. Great cinematography.

This is what happens when directors try to write their own movies.

The ending was thought provoking for a fan film though.

The boy gets free from his ropes and gets one of Jokers guns, and they have a stand off. Joker tries to fake out the kid and gets Batteranged, and the Kid gats Joker right there, and then looks at Batman and asks "Why didn't you save my parents?"

Admittedly, all of this films elements are highly derivative - the props are replica's, the characters are derived from other imaginings, particulalry The Animated Series. But the cinematography is really good.

God, terrible writing though.


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Feb 20, 2010
To paraphrase the end:

"I can't answer this question. (...) The answer is Batman."

That's how I'm going to answer all tricky questions from now on.

"So, do you want two taquitos or four?"

"The Batman."

"It looks cold out there. Want to put a coat on?"

"The Batman."

"Have you figured out who you're asking out to the formal?"

"The answer...okay, I'm not touching this one."


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Apr 8, 2008
Honestly I think Joker always had some messed up version of a healing factor and just kept coming back time and again...

So when someone kills him off just roll the eyes a bit.

Other than the cliche "Hey look at me I killed of a 20 year nemesis in 5 minutes!" writing of a story.... I can see it have the real spirit and good ol joker shows up again. Or the kid turns into a Joker himself...

I mean the kid actors last name is Voorhees ;p