Feed Dump: Prinking All Day


The One Who Protects
Oct 22, 2009
I am a Prepper (a non-crazy person who prepares for natural/man-made disasters).

Fun Fact: With the proper permits, licenses, and taxes ($3000+ licenses, $200+tax/Destructive Device (grenade)); Grenade Launchers are perfectly legal in the United States. Same goes for 99% of the weapons on the list. Really, who needs a grenade launcher when a shotgun, shot-less shells, and an easy rig, can launch a Malitov(sp?) Cocktail over 100 yards?

Cannabis, oddly enough, is less legal then a grenade launcher. Though, Cannabis is far more useful for survivalist purposes. Not only is it useful for medicine (as even most 'anti-weed' studies show) BUT it is very useful in making rope, cloth, and canvases.

I do not support the legalization of Grenade Launchers or full-auto weapons (which also have expensive fees, and are a waste of good ammo). But I do support legalizing Cannabis.


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May 9, 2008
As much as I love Kathleen, I would love to see Graham back in the driver's seat again since he's the OG.