"Flame" Spy Virus May Be of U.S./Israeli Origin


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Aug 2, 2011
cobra_ky said:
Richard A. Kiernan said:
The whole thing about the Flame virus is that it underpins why you shouldn't run your secret computer stuff on a commercially-available operating system like Microsoft Windows. Even Linux, notoriously virus-proof as it is, isn't a good alternative, short of running it on ultra-obscure processor architectures which nobody's going to try to exploit.
so....governments should be developing their own top-secret proprietary operating systems then?
Or buying them. That's what the likes of XTS-400 and other crazy shit like that are for. In fact, security by obscurity has worked by itself in the past - although I'd want to layer it like crazy now with other security techniques. I recall from The Cuckoo's Egg that the cracker Markus Hess encountered an MIT PDP-10 running ITS, which was notoriously open to the point of most users not even having passwords, yet Hess couldn't do a thing with it because ITS wasn't known outside of MIT.

Vivid Kazumi

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Jan 7, 2012
time like this you thinking the zionist conspiracy guys are right.seriously,the u.s acts more like israels ***** then ally.


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Nov 28, 2007
The "cyberwarfare" front has been around for decades. All kinds of articles and such over the years being concerned that the US has been falling behind, and reveals about worms and viruses and such being traced back to China. I hardly find it shocking that it's eventually been proven that the US has been involved, and truthfully the fact that it's taken this long for things like Flame or Stuxnet to be connected to the US (and it's still tenative) shows that we're probably better at it than anyone gave us credit for.

That said, it's no big deal. As someone who opposes the Iranian nuclear program I suppose this kind of delaying action was a better idea than immediatly invading, but attempts to delay the inevitable aside, I think it is very much going to come down to the need for an invasion. Though if we do that, we need to give up on this "winning the peace" stuff, just get in, level the place and the infrastructure, and then get out, and not get distracted with rebuilding or anything, but that's an entirely differant discussion which most people here would disagree with.