Flash Memory Plummets to One Buck/One Gig


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Feb 11, 2009
HDDs are losing sales because by the time the factories were fixed the number of HDD manufacturers had gone down due to company buy-outs. With less competition they no longer need to lower their prices, so they're keeping them artificially high. Which is a stupid move, as SSD manufacturing just gets more and more efficient and therefore less and less expensive.


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Mar 4, 2010
I heard a month or two ago that a summer SSD price war was coming. I've also been looking around, but I'll probably wait and bite a ~512 GB one in the fall.

Formica Archonis said:
Cheaper still is buying two hard drives and either doing a RAID mirror or just backing stuff up. Assuming SSDs won't fail is as dangerous as assuming mechanical HDs won't fail.
I hear SSDs fail quite spectacularly, unlike hard drives, often with no warning at all. [http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2011/05/the-hot-crazy-solid-state-drive-scale.html] It's been the perhaps the #1 reason for me not getting one already. Hopefully the newer models have solved this glaring reliability issue.

Worgen said:
I love my ssd, I have an ssd for my c drive and I use a normal hdd for my storage. About 5 months ago hdds almost doubled in price because of the flooding and they are still rather expensive, although much cheaper per gig than a ssd is.
Almost doubled? Many models more than tripled. I remember watching Newegg that week, and all the 1 TB drives were suddenly $200, if not more!

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Nov 20, 2009
Xanthious said:
HDDs are still really bloody cheap. I recently picked up a bunch of 2TB External HDDs for considerably less than 100 dollars each delivered. If remember correctly I paid about the same price a little over a year ago for 1TB HDDs so I'm just not seeing the increase in HDD prices myslef.
If you were paying that price for 1TB drives last year, you were getting ripped off. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the US it was trivially easy to get 2TB drives for $70 shipped even nearly two years ago from what I remember, and even less than that last year sometimes. They only recently have gotten back to the sub-$100 level (and even then still nearly 50% more expensive than pre-flood on average), but with much shorter warranties and much higher failure rates, so I wouldn't exactly consider things anywhere near back to normal. It doesn't help that basically all hard drives are now made by two companies instead of four, after Seagate and WD ate Samsung and Hitachi, so there's even less competition.

As far as SSDs, they're even cheaper than this article suggests. Go look at Slickdeals [http://slickdeals.net/] and there's a new deal posted every day from Newegg or Amazon or whoever else that's cheaper than the day before. I think someone did the math in the forums the other day and found that SSD prices had dropped by 40% just since December, at least if you take sales into account (which seem to happen on a near-daily basis, so that seems fair). 120GB SATA3 drives are easy to find for $90, which is $.75/GB, and I've seen the SATA2 ones that they're clearing out for as low as $.50/GB a few times. Even the bigger ones are dropping rapidly, with 512GB for just over $300 turning up this week. It's nice to see prices moving again after they pretty much plateaued at $1/GB for an entire year. The drives got faster, but they didn't get any cheaper for a while, but now that's changing.


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Dec 14, 2009
An SSD is an essential addition to a gaming rig =D

Boot Drive, and with SteamMover, holds my most recent steam purchase, once I'm done with it, it goes off to my HDD. =D


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May 28, 2011
from ultimatelly crazy too expensive it plummeted to ultimately still too expensive. nothing to be happy about. i still get much better pricing on dvds and thats where i keep storing my data.


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Feb 26, 2010
So long as SSD prices keep falling while HDD costs stay high - and at this point in time there's no reason to expect otherwise - if you want to tweak your machine, solid state may be the most cost effective way to achieve like-for like (or better) memory capacity.
I agree up until you say Better Memory Capacity. HDD are 15 cents a gig and less. SSD has a lot more to drop before you can get better memory capacity, and actually larger capacity I haven't seen a 1 tera SSD.