[email protected] Claims Over 1 Million PlayStation 3 Users

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
[email protected] Claims Over 1 Million PlayStation 3 Users

More than a million [email protected] [http://www.playstation.com] project, giving a significant boost to the project's computational abilities.

[email protected] is a distributed computing project dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of protein folding, and how errors in the process, known as "misfolding," relate to numerous diseases including GamesIndustry [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alzheimer's_disease]report, approximately 3000 PlayStation 3 owners register for the project every day.

Distributed computing makes use of multiple remotely-located computers to perform complex calculations. These calculations are broken down into separate components and shared among computers, which then communicate their individual results back to a central server. The concept of distributed computing first came to prominence with [email protected] [http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/], which was made publicly available in May 1999, and numerous other projects have been released since then.

"Since partnering with <a href="
Sunny Corner Enterprises">SCEI, we have seen our research capabilities increase by leaps and bounds through the continued participation of [email protected] users," said Stanford University [http://www.stanford.edu/] professor Vijay Pande. "Now we have over one million PS3 users registered for [email protected], allowing us to address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally, with the goal of finding cures to some of the world's most life-threatening diseases. We are grateful for the extraordinary worldwide participation by PS3 and PC users around the globe."