Former Last Guardian Devs Working on Indie Project Vane

Mike Hoffman

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Sep 25, 2013
Former Last Guardian Devs Working on Indie Project Vane

Tired of waiting for The Last Guardian? Vane is an indie game from former members of Team Ico.

Sadly, [a href=""]The Last Guardian[/a] didn't appear at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month (not surprising, but still sad). Still, some former developers from Team Ico have gone indie and released a trailer for a new title, Vane.

It looks similar to the other [a href=""]Team Ico[/a] games, like Shadow of the Colossus or Ico blended with Journey and the upcoming [a href=""]Rime[/a]. In the trailer, a child runs around in a desert and maybe turns into a bird? The visuals and the music contribute to a gorgeous, calm aesthetic. Of course, if this is anything like other Team Ico titles, it will probably have a dreadfully depressing ending.

"Vane is an open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration," [a href=""]according to the website[/a] of the developer, Friend & Foe. "The game focuses on unraveling the mysteries of an unknown land via exploration, puzzle-solving and other features yet to be revealed."

The five person team includes former members of Team Ico, a developer that was working on The Last Guardian. [a href=""]Announced in 2009[/a], The Last Guardian has gone through [a href=""]a troubled development process[/a], but with little information shared with the public. Still, [a href=""]Sony promised[/a] the game was still in development as of June.


"We grew tired of working for big companies and chose instead to bet it all on pooling our talents and set out on the great indie adventure we always wanted," [a href=""]the team says[/a]. Perhaps the problems behind The Last Guardian are part of the reason the the former Team Ico developers left.

Vane is planned for PC right now, but will likely come to consoles or handhelds, according to the developer. There is no release window yet.

Source: [a href=""]Friend & Foe website[/a]



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Jan 31, 2012
Is "Team ICO games have depressing endings" a thing? I mean, ICO's ending was poignant and maybe even bittersweet, but hardly depressing. Hell,
Yorda is totally alive with Ico after the credits, so everything was for the best.
And Shadow's ending may have been bleak, but it's not like everybody (or indeed anybody died. Sorta had a hopeful note at the end, too.

Anyway, this looks gorgeous and wonderful, as I'd expect. Not sure about the cubist aesthetic but I'm pretty sure I can get used to it. Hope it comes out for PS4.


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Dec 23, 2010
Sweet. The trailer isn't much to go off of, but the names involved mean I'll be keeping an eye on this. I still get kinda sad when I think about The Last Guardian, but at least the legacy of Team Ico lives on, not only through this but through games influenced by their work as well (Journey and Rime come to mind).