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May 11, 2020
One moment I was proud of as a player was in high school and we were playing Demon: the Fallen. I was playing a Luciferan and had powers of fire and heat control. We were the prey in a car chase that was not going well for us. I hit on a rather desperate idea and asked the Storyteller if it would be possible for me concentrate on using my powers to overheat their engine. He gave it a moment of thought and allowed it. Success. There was a moment's silence before we all started cackling in gleeful triumphant shadenfreude. Black smoke started pouring out of the hood of our pursuers' car, they ran off the road and we made a clean getaway.
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May 28, 2020
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I figure why the hell not, since the other two went over well I thought I'd share some more fun stories from that same Star Wars D6 campaign (yes, this campaign was full of awesome, crazy, and hilarious stories). This time: stupid shit NPC's pulled edition.

Because this campaign had a massive cast of NPC's. The PC's over the course of the campaign grew themselves into a full-fledged Rebel cell, complete with NPC mission groups under their command. The NPC's would routinely pull even stupider shit than the PC's did; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, and they only rarely did stuff that actually worked against the PC's or bit them in the ass. Very colorful characters all, to say the least.

Story 1: "Who's infiltrating the base?"
The NPC mission group's infiltration specialist and sniper was named Liam Hu. Their first mission on their own was to infiltrate an Imperial dignitary's compound to get some intel, get out, don't get caught. Simple, quick, easy. The PC's were doing their own thing, hitting an Imperial prisoner convoy, the intel snatch-and-grab was an attack of opportunity. The NPC's were supposed to be maintaining comms silence, and the PC's heard the following conversation over comms.

NPC 1: "Who did recon for this?"
NPC 2: "Hu's on overwatch."
Hu: "I am."
NPC 1: "What?"
Hu: "I'm on overwatch."
NPC 1: "No I want to know who did recon for this."
Hu: "I didn't."
NPC 1: "I know you didn't, who did recon for this?"
NPC 2: "It wasn't Hu."
NPC 1: "Oh my stars, you didn't send Ace (the protocol droid) did you?"
NPC 2: "No."
NPC 1: "Then who did you send to recon?"
Hu: "Mai."
NPC 1: "You sent your probe droid?" (Hu had a probe droid which was his spotter)
Hu: "No, he sent Mai."
NPC 1: "Your what?"
NPC 2: "Not his anything, I sent Mai."
NPC 1: "Oh, for crying out...blast it."
Hu: "Break break, there's movement in the compound."
NPC 2: "What do you see?"
Hu: "Imperials, they're standing around a comlink."
NPC 2: "What are they doing?"
Hu: "They appear to be laughing."
NPC 1: "...Hu secured the comms?"
Hu: "I don't know, who secured the comms?"
*Brief moment of silence*
*Intense blaster fire*

Story 2: "C'mon you apes, you wanna use common sense?"
The PC's were deep in the shit, surrounded and outnumbered by Stormtroopers. They called in their freighter for CAS, but local air space was too hot. Then, over comms they heard the sound of a fistfight on board their own ship break out. Moments later, they hear a fairly surprised, wavering voice tell them fire support is on its way.

Right after, a badly singed, damaged, escape pod crashes right into the middle of the Stormtroopers. The escape pod's hatch blasts open, and out jumps the NPC mission group's eight-foot barabel, wielding a rotary blast cannon in one hand, rocket launcher in the other, and bandolier of thermal detonators around his torso. Every Stormtrooper in eyesight starts shooting at him, and he jumps right back in the escape pod, hides, and starts chucking thermal detonators out of the escape pod without doing a whole lot of aiming.

This turns into a turkey shoot for the Jedi PC's, who just TK the thermal detonators where they need to be while the rest of the party uses the distraction to get the hell out of dodge. They get to a better position, and manage to provide enough covering fire for the barabel to make a run for it. They get into a more defensive position, and hold off the Imperials until they can get a pick-up. Onboard, they get the other side of the story.

The barabel, who frankly wasn't very smart, misinterpreted the refusal to provide CAS as a flat "we can't help you", not "we need to clear local airspace first". The barabel decided to stage a one-man rescue op, grabs a bunch of the biggest guns and explosives he can find, and jumps in the escape pod like he's Master Chief or something. The sounds of scuffling the PC's heard over comms, was the barabel fighting off the other NPC's who were trying to tell him how stupid his plan was, because they were going to have to land anyways to pick up the PC's.

So basically all he did was waste the ship's one escape pod and risk getting shot down by a TIE fighter, to make a really cool entrance and throw a bunch of random, very expensive, thermal detonators that could well have killed the PC's rather than Stormtroopers.

Story 3: The WookiE-Web
The NPC mission group's heavy weapons specialist was a wookie. Their techie was a mrlssi. They managed to secure an E-Web after a fight. They got tired of never getting to use the E-Web because they always had to stay foot-moble. They made plans.

The mrlssi put shoulder straps on the E-Web's power generator, and welded a little chair on it. The mrlssi would ride the wookie, while the wookie wore the power generator like a backpack, and the mrlssi would control the E-Web's generator while the wookie used it.

They thought it was the greatest idea in the galaxy until it came time to use it, and the wookie realized running around a firefight with an incredibly heavy miniature nuclear bomb on his back may not be the greatest idea. They still out of use from it, because the mrlssi wouldn't let the dream die and figured out a quick-release mechanism for the wookie to still carry the inactive generator on his back and deploy it quickly.

They kept the wookie-saddle for the mrlssi though, and made it a whole thing where the mrlssi could ride him in combat, watching his back, providing covering fire, throwing grenades, and providing snacks.
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