Gabe Newell Discusses Episode 3 Delay

Dr. HeatSync

New member
Aug 5, 2010
Although I've yet to play Half life 2 fully, I don't think this delay is doing the company any good. Its not Duke Nukem Forever, but its not exactly stepping away from that path anytime soon.

If theres anything thats beginning to start getting on my nerves is that unless the next episode of Half-life (or Portal 2 while we're here) is running on an updated and optimised source engine, it really does mean that for around 4 years we've witnessed them messing around with Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead. While they are both decent franchises in their right they're really not worth attaching memories to; they have the skeletal structure of a game but no real narrative, no real experience and ultimately nothing more than quick addictive fun.

The exception is Portal of course because that has a real experience, even if short-lived it is unique, innovative and enjoyable. Very short but strong in all of its aspects, delivering a high quality narrative melded with puzzle gameplay and a brilliant antagonist.

The delay and the mention of a sequel only increases hype and in this case confusion. I'd hate to see the next Half-life be its fall from grace but I certainly can't say that I'd be looking forward to it given how much time we've wasted on hour-grinding hats, zombie flicks and redundant updates to both of those aforementioned titles.

TL;DR: Half life episode 3 needs to be an experience worth playing, by being unique, telling a good narrative and a nice new little gimmick thats just as cool as the Gravity Gun. It is a very difficult challenge, but Half Life 2 is no longer something Valve should live up to, but rather surpass completely. But I have to say if there was a developer that I think would be able to do it, it has to be Valve.