Game Design Sketchbook: Testing the Limits of Single-Player


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Jun 19, 2007
gooneybird71 said:
The kids played it for a couple minutes then quickly turned it off to play Lego Star Wars on the PS2. Those old arcade games are only relevant to those of us who grew up with them, no one else is remotely interested in them, especially when given the choice of the modern culturally relevant games readily available today.
And they would have the exact same reaction to Go, Chess, and probably a Rubick's Cube. When you were a child, Space Invaders was candy, it was as intense as it got. That's what kids want. Not subtlety. But now, PS3 and 360 are the intensity, the candy. That's what kids want. When they're older, when they "learn to appreciate" (as much as I hate that phrase) the "classics" in the arts, music, film, they'll be able to appreciate Space Invaders or Tetris or Starcraft in the same way.