Game features you like, but nobody else does?


Sometimes known as CaitieLou
May 27, 2009
An "easy mode," or any kind of exploit that makes the gameplay easier so I can get through the story faster and easier. The only time I find a true challenge to my skills as a gamer to be a satisfying payment for getting further along in the story is when I feel very comfortable with the gameplay and mechanics. When it came to the Portal games, the Half-Life games, the Final Fantasy games, and even Bravely Default which I'm playing now I didn't mind having to struggle through a few sequences or level grind a bit before taking on a boss. I felt like even though I was being challenged and even at times getting very frustrated, I had enough skill and understanding of the mechanics to get through it with enough tries.

But in the case of Bioshock, I did not at all feel this way. Perhaps it was just the convoluted PC controls, but unless I was in easy mode I did not feel skilled enough to properly use all the mechanics at my disposal. I never could cycle through all the stupid pladmids and weapons and ammos in time, and always just ended up firing everything in the barrel at whatever enemy was in front of me. I knew I was supposed to strategically employ all of these together in order to best use my resources, but god damn it always felt so clunky and unwieldy I don't think I ever used plasmids unless I was required to get something out of my way or hack. So I just set it to easy mode, which made things easier to kill and ammo very plentiful. And I have absolutely no regrets. The twist was just as satisfying, I still felt very protective of and empathetic for the little sisters, and I think it only helped me further appreciate the aesthetics and atmosphere of the whole place.