Game of Thrones World Recreated as Transit Maps

Esmeralda Portillo

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Jun 16, 2014
Game of Thrones World Recreated as Transit Maps

Designer recreates the world of A Song of Ice and Fire as a series of transit routes.

The power of Game of Thrones is strong enough to even make transit maps exciting. Graphic designer Michael Tyznik has recently created a map of the entirety of A Song of Ice and Fire world if it were on a railway system.

All the locations of Westeros and Essos are geographically placed in accordance to the books and the official maps. Tyznik told Mashable he created the transit maps for his boyfriend who's a big Game of Thrones fan. He definitely delivered.

There's cheeky references fans will notice right away, like how service to Valyria has been discontinued. Harrenhal is currently being restored so they politely ask to "pardon our dust." Even the castles of the Night's Watch are displayed, with Castle Black predominantly at its center and no access to the abandoned castle of Westwatch-by-the-Bridge.


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