Game soundtracks.

Cuddly Knife

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May 20, 2009
Some pretty typical answers up in here... I wonder, do people think certain music is epic, simply because it is orchestrated?

Some of my favorite soundtracks are as follows, but not in any particular order:

Megaman 2
Riven: The sequel to Myst
Myst 3: Exile
Super Castlevania IV - yes, i think it's better than Symphony of the Night. Really, all 'vania music should be on this list.
Otogi 2
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Batman(NES) - this ain't no Danny Elfman PoS
Silent Hill series - notably, games 3 and 4.
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - ambience + chill groove + western = amazing
Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 - I always did like Sonic music more than Mario, even though i preferred the Mario games.


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Jun 6, 2009
Half-Life series ah, fuck it. Every later Valve game has got a exceptional soundtrack.
Call of Duty series (except WaW, I believe I became tonedeaf for a week after playing that game)
Halo series
Company of Heroes
World in Conflict
Fallout 3 (Main theme stands for aprox 90 % of the election)

...And now I have probably listed every game in my gaming arsenal. Except Halo of course...


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Mar 30, 2009
OH COME ON ! Only one guy said Red Alert 2! WHATS THE MEANING OF THIS?? Also I need to add Killing Floor alongside with RA2. RA2 musics are a LEGEND.