Games you are most looking forward to in 2020


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Apr 26, 2020
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Hollow Knight 2 or Freedom Planet 2

I mean I really want Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3 and Cyberpunk but I doubt they will be as good as the aforementioned.
I can't speak for cyberpunk, but Doom will be great, because Doom is eternal. RE3Remake will be good, but not as good as RE2Re. Fine in my book.
The weird thing is that while I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk, I have a feeling its one of those I'll play for a bit then never touch again, like I do with the Witcher games. I always liked Resident Evil 3 more then 2, mainly because of the more action focus and it sounds like they are kinda going for the same feel. While the tense situation of 2 is nice, I prefer to be able to kill me some zombies and not strategically retreat.
Oh, you'll be doing plenty of treating despite having more tools at your disposal. Go back and play the original re3. It is way harder re2. The same will probably apply to the remake. If not I'll normal, then definitely on hardcore mode. Considering most of the zombie models are reused from 2remake, it's a given.

Is it much harder? I don't recall it being harder then 2, then again, I played much more Resident Evil 3 then I did 2 back in the day. RE2 I went through once or twice, RE3 I went through at least 3 times.
You just explained why yourself. You are so used to re3 that you don't notice it. Playing re3 for the first time (or not touching the game in ages), a lot of people died on their first play through multiple times. And lot of people who played a lot of the first and second game. 3 definitely starts off hard (multiple zombies in your pathl and Nemesis only adds to it. Yes you can craft any type of ammo (based on the gunpowder you find), but all of the gunpowder is randomly spawned, the Dodge mechanic is really inconsistent, even if you know what you're doing, and the motherfucking hunters came back in two forms. Trust me, RE3 was the most difficult Resident Evil game, before Code Veronica and Resident Evil 0 took that throne.
I wouldn't say it was WAAAAY more difficult. I agree it was a bit more difficult because the OG RE2 is very easy. But RE3 is much shorter and more linear. You are, however, forced to run more often.

I'm not exaggerating. It's easier compared CV & 0, but 3 is not friendly for a first timer, despite the shorter length. Even veterans players still have difficulty with this game. Also, try telling that to 10 year old me back in 1999. Nemesis adds to stress, so in most areas you had to be on the move. When you're forced fight him, it's such a ***** as you're most likely not well equipped unless you played the game multiple times.
Well, I personally didn't struggle too much with it compared to some other RE titles.


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Apr 5, 2020
Haven't we already had one of these threads?


Well, anyway, my three most anticipated games for 2020 are Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3, and Halo Infinite. I say that because they're the three games I've either pre-ordered or at the least, intend to get. However, those levels of anticipation aren't equal.

RE3 I'm pretty upbeat about, even though I'm a bit wary of it - I'm not sure how good it can be when it's had a far shorter dev time than RE2. I get that it probably helps that it's using the same engine and gameplay with some tweaks, and RE3 was originally a spinoff, true, but...I dunno. Also, they seem to be changing a lot of stuff, and while RE2 did that as well, while I really liked the game, not all of those changes were for the best IMO. Still, I think it'll be fun, if nothing else.

Doom Eternal is very iffy for me right now, given all the gripes I had with Doom 2016. That I'm pre-ordering it is very much a risk, because my enjoyment of the game is going to be contingent on whether it's fixed the problems I had with its predecessor. From what I've seen, it seems to have done so, but even so, jury's still out.

And finally, Halo Infinite. Dear god I'm concerned for this game. It's coming out at the end of this year, 5 years after Halo 5, where we know practically nothing about it, and what we do know has me uneasy, not to mention behind the scenes drama at 343. I hope it's good, really, but so far, I've seen nothing to get my hopes up.

Apart from that, maybe Gears Tactics

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I mean....I made two threads about my most anticipated 202 game.
There were games in the year 202AD? 0_0

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Is it much harder? I don't recall it being harder then 2, then again, I played much more Resident Evil 3 then I did 2 back in the day. RE2 I went through once or twice, RE3 I went through at least 3 times.
3 was definitely harder than 2 for me. If you know what you're doing in 2, you're pretty set. 3 however has the challenge of Nemesis, and it's a challenge that I, at least, could never completely subvert, especially in boss battles.

If anything, I think RE2 is the easiest of the original trilogy. 1 has the most scarce ammo, 3 has the hardest monsters, 2 is kinda breezy in comparison, least on normal. Of course, RE2 Remake jacked this way up difficulty-wise (not that I'm complaining).


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Feb 9, 2016
Black Mesa (complete)
Doom Eternal
Dying Light 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Halo infinite (depend on how SP turn out)
WB montreal Batman
Age of Empire 4

Black mesa complete is releasing today. finally the best remake of all time is releasing on complete state and will be out of early access.