GameStop Stock surges due to meme traders


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Apr 24, 2020
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I am going to go out on a limb to defend Scott Galloway who yes did call people on Wall Street Bets, and Reddit sexless, relationless virgins and women addicted to Instagram and cutting themselves due to it.

He's a good person, grew up in poverty, then his parents found their way to the middle class. He then became a multi-millionaire by being a good speaker, and marketing CEO, and founded L2inc. And no he's not my only hero, the top spot goes to Bernie Sanders, but he's going at giving good advice based on this economy.

1. Get accredited at a good school(college)

2. Work hard when you're young

3. invest the money due to compound interest in good companies(Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple for example)

4. Get a good degree that pays well( I would add that you should get a degree in something your good at, like, and other people will pay you to do it)

5. Don't drink, smoke, or do drugs

6. Work out, and get relationships with family, and friends, and a lover to prolong your life

7. Seek a mentor(It's implied in the book)

I did read the book Algebra of Happiness by him, and it's by far the best self-help book.

I think he tried to think about how you could do well in a capitalist economy. He skips the bullshit of following your dreams from many of my teachers, the only problem for him is this.

1. Let's say you do what he tells you to do, and go to community college, then a good state college, and do a business degree, that's a allot of if, and that chain could be broken like it was for me when I couldn't pass business statistics.

2. Working hard when your young is great, but what about health problems when you're young.

3. Investing money is great, I used acorn's portfolio's with an aggressive posture, but what if you can't pay your bills

4. Again I wanted to be an engineer, then finance, but couldn't pass the classes

5. Some people were addicted when they were young, and I would add in moderation for everything, salt, sugar, caffeine, etc. I am good at not doing bad substances, but I eat lots of sugar.

6. Again some people have health issues, some have bad family members, some have fewer friends, it's not easy.

7. Good luck doing that because most likely you need to network, be lucky, or seek a job, granted I had one who assumed I could go get a masters, but I decided now my abilities are best at getting a second major. Again you need need to gauge your ability.

The main problem with him is his defense of capitalism, not everyone can do these things, and some people can do all, some only a few, and some only half. I am lucky I can do a majority. Shouldn't we redirect some of the economic power towards those who have faced historical injustices, have current problems, and be less selfish so that we have a more equitable society instead of asking everyone to do better at capitalism we should make sure people who do hard work like essential workers be paid more even if their jobs don't require a degree as doing so they could invest in their kids, themselves, or in society via helping their parents with a medical bill with 15 dollar minimum wage, and etc.

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Apr 18, 2020
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In case anyone cares about the House Committee on Financial Services hearing that happened today where DeepFuckingValue and the CEO of Robinhood testified: