Gato Community College. (game thread)


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Apr 20, 2010
Solomon Thorn

"I don't know what's going on here but this seems to be a bit too much for a game. Still, i guess it's good to see them be so passionate about their hobbie...coming from a book nerd who locks herself in her room for hours just to read, of course."

"I've got my hobbies too, but nothing that's made me quite as intense as that." Well, apart from the whole "scaling a mountain with less than appropriate security measures" thing that he had done a few times, but he felt that the intensity of those emotions were appropriate. Those were "life and death" feelings, not "I don't want to lose", feelings. He supposed that was a side effect of not being particularly competitive.

"Since you all, seem to be staying for a bit, make your selves at home."

"Don't mind if I do then," Sol replied, and went to get something to eat and some drinks. He grabbed a beer and some snacks, happily munching on a bite-sized pizza as he went over the others, just about catching the introductions. There was a thought of "hey, what if this is poisoned" -as wary as any hunter should be-, but he figured that there were far easier ways than poisoning their own food and inviting the group in if they wanted to kill the intruders. Besides, it tasted good to him, and the beer was unopned.

Besides, it's kind of rude to ignore the host when she's offering.

But, first and foremost; free stuff was kind of awesome. "Nice to meet you guys," Sol said and shook Sheila's hand, being as friendly as he could. That despite the fact that he was apparently shaking hands with the devil's daughter. Besides, it wasn't her fault.

"Name's Sol. It's a pleasure." He said the last part after having let go of her hand so that he was addressing the entire room. He then decided to sit down next to Leroy, opening his beer as he leaned over and whispered;

"Hey, are you okay? You know, with the whole... situation earlier, I mean. I apologize about that, by the way. We were just sent to get you, not get you punished by Rozalin herself."


Alfred Frye

Sadly, Alfred didn't catch anything interesting in any of the conversations around him, and soon Rozalin was addressing the group. Most of them had ended up sticking close to each other, which was a natural consequence of being invited into someone's home and then not really knowing what they were supposed to do, or to which degree they were "invited", though she mentioned that they could make themselves at home.

It's almost as if we didn't come here to catch one of her buddies.

This was either the friendliest bunch of demons -and humans, and whatnot- or the oddest bribe he had ever encountered. And Alfred was surprisingly fine with it.

"That's Charles and Andrew on the couch. You've already been antiquated with Roy here, and last but not least. Sheila."

"So Rozy, who are they?"

"Their from Gato, ya know that school that has humans and non humans mingling. Well, except that one." Rozalin pointing at Sierra. "She works for my sister."

"Ah, that school you used when you put down father for the final time? Neat. I guess."

Alfred's thoughts on hearing that were sort of mixed. On one hand, it sounded as if she was talking about satan, in which case, this Sheila was a very special individual -though why on earth was she named Sheila, it seemed awfully bland considering-, and that could be useful. Very useful. On the other hand she was basically saying that the Queens were using Gato, and that was the sort of thoughts that he thought it might be necessary to relay to his bosses. He introduced himself after Sol had, and, shaking Sheila's hand, smiled.

"Hello there, Sheila, I'm Alfred. When you said your dad, did you mean... well, you know, Lucifer?" Alfred tilted his head, an innocent expression on his face. "It's fine if you don't want to say, but I have to admit that you've perked my interest."

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Jun 26, 2008
"Ah, that school you used when you put down father for the final time? Neat. I guess."

Mira wasn't really surprised with that reveal of being used by the demons. She had already expected that something was up when the plan involved throwing college students at a fortress but she also didn't know how to respond to the fact being seemingly confirmed. She only even considered it to be seemingly because the admitance was coming from a second hand source who may have been paraphrasing...but it did line up with her suspicions at the time.'s not like they could do anything about it, nor did she care too. As far as she knew, that was the school's business to handle, especially since she was just a student and not faculty.

The revelation that Sheila was Lucifer's daughter though...that barely mattered to her. Of course, she thought Rozalin was in the right to try and mentally chastise her over it but she had already suspected something like that, and besides, she had already learned to not be surprised with this stuff.

Really, what she was interested in was the design of the Raptor on screen, looking at it and trying to peice out how she could create something like that. Obvoiusly she could recreate the fleshy parts of it with a little experimentation, after all, many Harvester style Humonculli had been built in the same style (shockingly, some alchemists had long since thought of remaking dinosaurs. Who knew?). Really it was the cybernetic parts that would have to be figured out. As far as she could work out presently though, the tail would need to be fully metallic due to the way it segmented apart to reach and stab. Furthermore, it would need to be wired in a way so as to obay the creatures command with precision, but also to avoid accidentally stabbing itself in the back of the head.

She continued thinking on the topic for a moment before returning her attention to Rozalin, realizing that they had been offered food and other such things, saying, "Thank you but i'm good. I don't need to eat and lack the taste buds for it besides."