Gears of War 4 Christmas DLC Includes Ugly Sweaters, Snowball Fights, and More


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Oct 24, 2013
Gears of War 4 Christmas DLC Includes Ugly Sweaters, Snowball Fights, and More

The Gears of War 4 holiday event has begun, and it brings everything from a snowball fight mode to ugly Christmas sweaters.

With the holidays upon us, it's time for holiday-themed game content, like Gearsmas. The Gears of War 4 holiday event is here, and it's filled with Christmas content. First up are the Gearsmas packs.

Each pack will cost 400 Credits, and includes one Bounty and two special Gearsmas items from the list below.

3 "Ugly Gearsmas Armor" Characters - JD, Kait and Swarm Drone
4x Gingerbread Weapon Skins
4x Festive Tree Weapon Skins
4x Snowman Weapon Skins
4x JD Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
4x Kait Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
4x Swarm Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
1 Commemorative Gearsmas Emblem

There are also two special rewards that you can only receive by logging in on certain days. All you need to do is log in on December 16 to receive the Chuzzmas Emblem, and on December 27 to receive the Ice Boomshot.

Also included is a brand new winter-themed game mode title "Snowball Fight." This special event adds the game's first holiday weapon - the Snowshot. This weapon fires snowballs that can take out enemies in a single shot. Every player starts with two snowballs, but you can pick up more snowballs as you go.

Alongside the new mode, there's also a returning game mode - Crossplay Versus. Making its return in a Special Event playlist, it offers Xbox One and Windows 10 players the chance to play together in squads of up to five players. Both of these playlists will reward players with bonus XP (1.5x) throughout the event.

More announcements are coming for Gears of War 4 players next week, and Microsoft is teasing a new Easter Egg that might appear in the campaign on December 25. You can read all about it over on Xbox Wire []/

Gearmas runs through December 28.



bjj hero

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Feb 4, 2009
Not that I play gears, I'm more of an Overwatch player, but Im disappointed it is just armour reskjns rather than actual jumpers on the charecters.


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Feb 3, 2011
Looks just as ugly as the rest of their skins. Like a child ate a box of crayons and vomited them onto everything.