Girls on Games Tells Women's Tabletop Industry Stories

bjj hero

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Feb 4, 2009
IvoryOasis said:
How are they supporting women??

Their studio is 11 men...and 4 women (but they only show the women, of course).

They are just taking some womans idea and making a simple mobile game with it. Then, the PROFITS (after they pay their entire studio) are split up....8 percent going to the woman whos idea was selected...and 92 percent going to charity.

In what way is this about supporting women in "leadership roles' (as they claim).

It is exploiting women. Using them as token media bait to get funding to boost their portfolio and get publicity / some work.
I dont have figures but I imagine nearly a third of the work force being female is quite inclusive in gaming. What percentage of gws workforce do you tink would be female?

Raising issues relating to women is a good thing.