Global Warming Underestimated by up to 50%


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Oct 31, 2007
Zachary Amaranth said:
Plunkies said:
I dunno. Some stupid blog called "nasa" or something.

Seriously, whenever I see one of these clickbait articles posted on global warming there's always something easily found that contradicts it. It's just alarmism.
Did you...Ummm...Did you read the article?

It doesn't say there's been no warming in two decades. It says that there is warming. It says there hasn't been when you get below a mile into the ocean. It says the ocean is still rising, warming is still occurring, etc.

Why do you claims always seem to come back to a source that doesn't back up your claims?
Did you?

It clearly says they're looking for "missing" heat that they cant find in the atmosphere or the deep ocean. As a result, they've re-analyzed existing satellite data using a model to conclude that the upper ocean absorbed more heat than expected. For whatever that's worth.

I'm not sure why people keep bringing up sea level rise. The ocean has been rising since coming out of the little ice age. There has been no accelerated sea level increase. Our oldest measurements show a slow and even increase for the last 150 years, with no recent acceleration.

You can look that up yourself. San Fransisco, for example, has a 150 year record and you see the same rate of increase through its entirety.