GOG Denies New Policy Circumvents Australian Censorship of Witcher 2


Welcome back Commander
Jun 2, 2009
Merkavar said:
theriddlen said:
I don't know how possibly one could not love those guys at GOG.

Merkavar said:
awe this is the first i heard about witcher 2 being censored. so whats being censored this time?

lucky i already ordered a copy online from the US just incase they censored it.
Guess what, boobies. Act like you are surprised.
i guess i could live with boobs being censored. but im just glad the US version isnt censored and thats the ersion i preordered.

with witcher 1 wasnt there an officle patch that uncensored the game eventually? how is the patch legal but the uncensored verion illegal?
The uncensored version is not 'illegal', its just illegal to sell in Australia, not to own a copy.