Google Reader Wii Compatible

Logan Frederick

New member
Aug 19, 2006
Google Reader Wii Compatible

Google release a Wii-friendly version of its RSS reader Google Reader.

With the increasing popularity of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, search engine and advertising giant is now offering a Wii-compatible release of its popular RSS aggregator Google Reader []. In order to support the Wii browser, the remodeled page [] features larger font and links.

The Wii remote will be used just like it would when normally using the downloadable Opera web browser, with these additional controls:
[li]up/down: scroll up/down[/li]
[li]right/left: next/previous item[/li]
[li]1 button: show subscriptions[/li]
[li]2 button: show links[/li]
[li]up/down: previous/next subscription[/li]
[li]right: select current subscription[/li]
[li]left: close[/li]
[li]-/+: collapse/expand folder[/li]


Bongo Bill

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Jul 13, 2006
Oh, there's an actual Wii remote API for all these webamajigs, now? Not just mimicking the mouse any more? That's very cool.