Grand Theft Auto V Sells $800 Million On Launch Day


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Oct 13, 2010
Wow. I can't wait for the christmas sales when dozens of publishing companies will expect to make the exact same sales with their big titles only to be smacked in the face by reality and declare all their games failures.

Hmmm I wonder if Saints Row 4 being released a month ago may of affected sales and they would of been even bigger if two had not been released so close.


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May 9, 2013
NiPah said:
AldUK said:
Am I the only one around here who finds GTA repulsive? I love the idea of open-world, but unless I play the entire game muted and skip every disgusting cut-scene, I just feel dirty playing the game.

And before everyone labels me, I am not a particularly conservative person, I am not religious, I'm not a Republican (I'm not even American) and I don't equate video games with real-life violence.
No there are several people around here that don't like GTA for various reasons (and dear god do they let you know about it). Take for example MrBaskerville above us who can't understand the mass appeal of this game, amazing that after all this time he has yet to find a satisfactory reason for others to enjoy this game.
That's what I'm seeing a lot of in this thread.

I personally have no interest in the franchise, but holy christ the vile hate that people have for the series is appaling.

Like- is this really affecting your life in such a significant way?