Great games you've never completed


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Jul 5, 2009
until recently I hadn't played Darksiders 2 and have had in wrapped since it was released, and same deal with Hitman: Absolution except the whole playing it part. Demon's souls because other games came out and i kinda forgot about it. Vanquish I started but found sam's voice annoying. Skyrim and Oblivion as I get side-tracked with side missions and exploring (god help me if I had them on PC and started adding player made content into that mix!). and i think thats it, though i have to say i rarely ever 100% a game, I'm not really into the whole collecting 1000 of these items since GTAIV screwed me over with the pigeons (says I had 199 but all 200 locations were clear).


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Feb 22, 2010
Bioshock Infinite. Im pretty sure Im about an hour away from the big final reveal at the end but I never finished it. Dunno why.


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Oct 13, 2011
The one I'm probably saddest about is Ultima VII: The Black Gate. I loved that game when I first played it, but I could never finish it due to a glitch where I couldn't get the door to the final boss fight open. That was years and years and years ago when I needed a boot disk to get the game to work. I've since got the game again on GOG, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.

Fallout 2 was another one - I ground through the original Fallout to completion, but the second game just defeated me.

And back in the console days pretty much every game I played fell into this category - I never finished any Wonderboy game, for example. I never finished Resident Evil. I never finished even one season on F1:'97 on Playstation (or F1:2010 on PC, for that matter :p)


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Oct 1, 2011
Every 3D Zelda except OoT (which I have beaten to many times to count, I've even done the 3 heart challenge) and Skyward Sword.

Brendan Stepladder

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May 21, 2012
l3o2828 said:
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l3o2828 said:
Ratties said:
The Lazy Blacksmith said:
Never beat Heartgold. Especially sad considering that Pokemon Gold was the first game I ever owned. I just can't stand regular Pokemon games anymore. Too repetitive and easy. Pokemon Stadium is where it's at.

They make a better version of a game you really liked, you can't finish it. You say that Pokemon Stadium is where it's at because it some how isn't repetitive or easy.
Considering your skeevy avatar, i don't think you are the one to judge his opinions about a pokemon game.

Now, On topic:
I suppose i never finished the first Bioshock...or any of the fable games.
Fable because i got bored and Bioshock because...well...i don't remember.
I felt like posting another pic of an apple. You blew my mind by saying I can't
question his nonsense because of my avatar. You won the internet.
I should add 'judge it OBJECTIVELY'.
It's not even that I think Gold or Heartgold are bad games. I just can't play a standard Pokemon game anymore. I just can't approach it with that same sense of adventure I once had.


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May 17, 2010
FF 12 - After grinding on Yiazmat for so long, I took a break. I've never finished the main game, which doing now would for me kill some of the poignancy.

San Andreas - One late mission requires a ton of money. I've stayed away so long I'm sure I've forgotten how to play entirely (and I DID complete that stupid toy plane mission, so replay would be annoying).

Resident Evil 1 - By the time the green lizard things showed up I realized how unprepared I was.

Ogre Battle (PS1) - When I was a kid I was on the last mission, but had to bring it back to the rental store. I got it recently on Ebay but now I'm not enjoying it as much, especially since the "reputation meter" is so damn hard to control (also, I was in a "holy area" where I could get one of the three legendary knights. I sent out a demon-based patrol and the game made this weird buzzing sound in response that startled me. Was that a glitch or are demons not allowed in those levels?)

Hawk of Battle

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Feb 28, 2009
FF8 (Never got past the first disk on either of these)
Ico (The goddawful combat filled me with dread during every encounter)
Okami (Not sure what happened here)
GTA4 (That last damn mission, that fucking motorbike chase)
Uncharted 3 (Bullshit enemies and stupidly difficult enemy swarms annoyed me throughout, but the end of the game turned it up to 12)
Thief 2 (I was trying to Perfect Ghost every level, but then realised that you cannot)

I think that's all that counts for games I did enjoy, mostly. The only other I can think of it Assassins Creed, but that pissed me off early and often, to the point I can honestly say I now hate it.

Terry Diamantis

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Oct 21, 2010
Super Mario 64. I got 118/120 stars and try as I might I just could never get the last two.

One I'm in the process of remedying is The Witcher. I got about half way then just stopped playing for some reason. I've just gotten past the point where I quit.

Plus, of course, all the platform hell games like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be the Guy that I just don't have the skills to complete.


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Apr 5, 2013
Crash Twin Sanity. I had gotten half way through, got a new game, and ended up losing the disk.


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Jan 11, 2008
RJ 17 said:
Terramax said:
Zelda: Ocarina of Time - ambitious game, but too much so. Takes too long. Outstays its welcome.
While I'd say the rest of your points are perfectly valid, I've gotta bicker with you about this one. I literally beat OoT in a day. 24 hours, give or take. Started at about 8 in the morning and played until midnight, woke up the next day and finished it up by early afternoon. Then again, it's entirely possible that we just have two different definitions for the phrase "long game". :p
Did you do any sidequests?
Did you use a player's guide?
Or did you literally go in there not knowing what to do the whole time, and you're naturally gifted at figuring out what to do?

Because, at the age I played it (around 14), it would not have been possible for me to have completed in one day.


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Apr 3, 2009
What ... ever? Far too many to count but from more recent releases...

Fallout 3
Red Dead Redemption (loved this but always spent 90% of the time playing poker...)
Metro 2033
Mirrors Edge
Red Faction Guerrilla
Just Cause 2
Far Cry 2
Batman Arkham City
Assassins Creed Revelations (after Brotherhood I'm really fatigued from this series)
Mass Effect (1)
Oh, and Knights of the Old Republic. Loved that game but never finished it. Possibly because I found out about the twist and lost all motivation.

Looking at the list clearly open world games are too much for me. The next gen of games might be a problem....


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Nov 26, 2008
Probably Dragon Quest 9. Really fun game, got like 50 hours into it and I can hardly remember having a bad time. Then the final boss came along with fat stacks of damage and immunity to debuff and status effects.
Shit's mad, yo.

Poppy JR.

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Jun 25, 2013
Final Fantasy X. I remember loving it several years ago (It is still the only FF I really enjoyed) and I remember getting almost to the end before the game crashed. I restarted the PS2, went all the way back to the same spot, and it crashed again. Finally, I sold the game to someone at a garage sale, and I never played it again. However, recently I've been revisiting my fondly remembered PS2 games on an emulator, and in my queue is Final Fantasy X. Only time will tell if I will finally beat the game.


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Mar 19, 2011
FreelanceButler said:
Man, I loved Dragon Quest... um, I think it was 8? Journey of the Cursed King was the subtitle anyways.
It had pretty much everything I like in JRPGs. The main characters were pretty interesting, you only had 4 party members so there wasn't a pesky feeling I should be switching my party around all the time to keep all the characters levels equal, it had a little time waster minigame in the form of the monster arena. I've actually played through a lot of it two or three times.
Until I get to one boss. I don't even remember his name, starts with an R and I hope it's the last boss because I can't even imagine anything harder being after him. As soon as I get to the flying castle dungeon, everything just starts feeling too hard and I don't have it in me to grind through it, but having a boss at the end that's so hard I couldn't beat after like a week of trying just makes me give up every time.

Despite just talking about the part that makes me stop playing a game after wasting two entire playthroughs, I want to play it again now...
AND THAT WASN'T EVEN HIS FINAL FORM! Seriously, if you were where I think you were, you were having trouble beating his "easy" form. After that, it gets real damn difficult.

OT: any of the elder scrolls games. I simply just put them down eventually and never picked them back up.