Hardcore Henry - The FPS Video Game Movie


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Mar 30, 2011
I'm sorry that Marter got a headache from watching the movie, but he's honestly the only person I know who has seen the movie and had that happen, so I'd really suggest not taking that as gospel. As many have mentioned, I found "shaky cam" movies to be way more headache-inducing than Hardcore Henry.

But regardless, seriously, see this movie in the theaters because I imagine the experience is drastically different vs. watching it on DVD. The movie is BANANAS. It's probably the most 'pure' action film I've ever seen: I think the longest segment where something isn't getting shot or blown up is about 5 minutes. This was the first action movie I've seen in a long time where a good chunk of the movie I was thinking "how the hell did they do that?". And the great thing is that the movie doesn't try to be more than it knows it is: it knows it's brainless action flick with a gimmick, and it's only about 90 minutes long.

Seriously, I'd recommend giving the movie a shot, I don't know anyone who saw this and didn't have a blast.


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Feb 16, 2009
Sir Thomas Sean Connery said:
100% jumping on the "Hardcore Henry is awesome and Marter is a dumb poopyface" bandwagon. Sometimes I agree with the reviews, but the critics have generally been dead wrong on this one.

Henry is just a damn joyride all the way through. It's like the church scene in Kingsmen extended to an hour and a half with insane near-death stuntwork.

I almost guarantee that in 10, 15 years this movie will be considered a cult classic that was panned on release.

I'll admit it definitely isn't for everyone, but you don't get motion sickness, just check it out. Jimmy alone is worth the price of a ticket.
Bolded part is yes yes yes. I promise anyone reading this, the first and second and third time you meet him for the first time makes you intrigued, and his musical number is an amazing payoff.

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Nov 27, 2011
RaikuFA said:
09philj said:
CaitSeith said:
So we got Spunkgargleweewee: The Movie. I'm waiting the day when they figure out how to represent the multiplayer experience in an FPS videogame movie (people seem to enjoy multiplayer more than singleplayer in these games).
It's a crotch being pushed into your face from above for two hours.
So a typical Happy Madison film then?
Only instead of Adam Sandler doing it, it's an obnoxious, drunken frat boy listening to gangster rap.

......so pretty much Adam Sandler.


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Dec 5, 2008
I enjoyed it. I'm not proud.

I didn't have any problems with motion sickness, but most of Marter's criticisms are accurate, at least as far as his individual view goes. It's definitely not a "smart" film. But that didn't prevent me from being impressed with how they took the conceit and ran with it. The cuts didn't bother me, and I never stopped goggling at what they must have had to go through to carry out some of the sequences (this was not a nine-figure budget film; indeed, it may not have been an eight-figure film; their indiegogo campaign asked for $250,000 to finish it). This was a bunch of dedication, stuntmen, GoPro cameras, and a little bit of CG after-work, mostly adding backgrounds and removing wires.

I'm not a big fan of Call of Duty or Battlefield... But I thought HH was fun. Your mileage may vary.

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Aug 14, 2012
Gamer was a very good movie about the video game industry. How come you never mentioned in your article that this was an expanded version of the director's music video? Or that he was a friend of Blomkamp's? It was a bit obvious with the stylistic approach and the inclusion of Sharlto Copley.


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Mar 8, 2011
thepyrethatburns said:
One of the problems with gamers is that they think that videogame plots are better than they actually are. When the critic says:

Henry takes orders from Jimmy without thought or argument, trusting him wholeheartedly almost the second they meet. Jimmy gives him directions to a place, tells him that there's someone there who needs interrogating or killing, and then Henry does it.

Yeah, that pretty much IS every FPS game ever. Oh, who the hell are we kidding? That's EVERY GAME EVER!!! There are almost no games where you're allowed to tell the person giving you the briefing to piss off even when it becomes blazingly obvious that they're up to no good. At best, you can refuse sidequests on an MMO but that's about it.
You should play Bioshock. And Morrowind.


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May 3, 2011
The movie was very entertaining and it reminded me of times when I was a kid and played doom for the first time :)


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Feb 28, 2010
I was interested in the trailer, but deep down I thought it would pan out like this. Not as badly though, the first person POV cuts are super jarring, and started annoying me real quick.
It's kind of a shame, maybe it's the loss of physical feedback, maybe it was all the blinking, but it seemed like it could have been a solid gimmick. Watching movies where you're the hero, sounds cool.


Nov 9, 2010
Darth_Payn said:
Besides, it's very likely that the guys who made this grew up playing FPS's and what to celebrate them in movie form, like Gamer. Remember that one?
I remember being so bored to tears with Gamer that I wound up reading a 3,000 (or was it 5,000?) word analysis and defence of the film saying it was criticizing capitalist consumer culture and yadda yadda yadda instead. It was more intriguing than the film itself.

Nuts I tell ya.

CoCage said:
-Roger Ebert snip-
I dropped his opinion when he accused the morality of the film 'The Sleepers' being centered around homophobia.

I'd go on a rant about that, like holy shit.

Finally OT: I'm not really interested in the movie to be honest. I saw both YMS' and RLM's reviews on the movies and they seemed mostly positive, and judging from the trailer it seems kind of interesting. But it doesn't really interest me, even though I enjoyed movies like The Raid.

I dunno, maybe one day I'll be compelled to watch it, maybe gather some friends and do it. Though a common criticism I've heard is characters and twists so...

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Jul 15, 2013
The trailer for this made me cringe into a tight ball of shame when it aired in the cinema. If anyone had nudged me and implied that it would totally be my thing because it's so videogames, i would have to violently advise them of their subtle misconception. I liked films a lot longer than games, so personal taste has refined differently between the two. The lack of user input and feedback from film mean that an overactive mind has a lot more headspace to notice things. Problems, patterns, mistakes, issues with unbelievable actors...it all gets subconsciously analysed with some more obvious conscious analysis. You have a limited sensory pool and a specified allotment of time in which your mind has full directed attention of.
A one-note gimmick may be alright if you temporarily dull the effectiveness of your brain cells along with a few dumbass friends before the film, like past me. But that is a habit that doesn't work so well after a while of aiding enjoyment of dumb movies and when you stop completely, you just turn into a cynical arsehole that can't find joy in anything, no matter how much you try. Nope, videogames...get out of my films. And didn't the Doom film do an FPS section which had just about the same reaction? Is it for the "lolz?" Eh, i am a dreary soul drearing through dreaded days, so any opinion from me is tainted with grey and probably dead parents too.

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Jul 18, 2009
I got a fucking headache just from the trailer when I went to see Deadpool. The idea of having to sit through the whole damn thing would be like some Clockwork Orange level torture.

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Sep 23, 2012
[Call of Duty, Battlefield] have better plots, characters, and camera movements than this movie.
I was tempted to stop reading after this statement because with this you basically shot yourself in the nuts with a shotgun. After that there's no need to write a complex comment other than: "He's wrong, don't listen to him."

I think he's [Marter] is either has something against this movie specifically or was paid off to make a bad review. (or just have [del]shit[/del] bad taste.)
The only part that is credible is about motion sickness: with the amount of camera movements it's plausible that somebody can start to feel motion sickness (although I didn't, and I'm myself ain't that good with shaky cams).

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May 15, 2010
I think the divide on this movie is exactly the lesson in subjectivity people need to take. A critic can make his voice heard, and you as a person can disagree with them, since you may see differently.
Tastes are not universal.
As for me, I couldn't stand to watch the trailer in the theater, though I can admit the cinematography was interesting and different enough to warrant a nod from me for being more original than some of the faff that gets tossed about. That being said I couldn't honestly watch more than 20 minutes of that without getting a headache. And if the overall film causes discomfort to a viewer, regardless of the quality of anything else, said viewer has the right to dislike said film.