Here Is The G.I. Joe Film You've Been Waiting For


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Jan 13, 2009
D Moness said:
Eri said:
Uh, Last I checked, most people enjoyed the GI Joe movie, Movie Bob included. So I have no idea what you're talking about. It's always been over the top crazy.
I find it really funny people complaining about the live-action movie being totally over the top and very unbelievable. More or less claiming that the original animation wasn't over the top. Except for the supersuits it is more or less the same as the original animation.

Same as people claiming the G1 transformers is the best ever made. I own them and seen them again and they are not as perfect as people remember. Sometime people talk about nostalgia with long running game series but some people are worse with 80's animation.
Both quoted for truth. I was a huge fan of the toys, the 80s cartoon and the Marvel Comics series. And while I got a bit fanboy nitpicky about some of the details, ultimately I had to admit Rise of Cobra wasn't any more ridiculous or campy than a typical episode of the animated series.

(Although one of the reasons I still like watching the original animation today, unlike most of the other cartoons of my childhood, is because GI Joe didn't take itself too seriously. The writers had a lot of tongue-in-cheek dialogue where characters openly talk about how ridiculous the plot is.)

cricket chirps

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Apr 15, 2009
uh....the hollywood production was better than this. That was a 21 minute waste of my time :/ There wasn't a single redeeming quality to that.


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Sep 20, 2011
Nobody liked Wayans in Rise of Cobra but the film as a whole was a lot more faithful to the old school GI Joe than this.

Cobra wasn't like some eff'ed up Modern Warfare faction, it was an army way too obsessed with its image and using weather machines and space lasers to, you guessed it, take over the world.


This grizzly, gory, "everyone dies like a bad rewrite of Star Trek VI" nonsense isn't anywhere near that sense heroic yet ridiculous action that made GI Joe so fun, and Rise of Cobra did a much better job of that than you give it credit. If anything Transformers was Hollywood's middle finger to the fans.

And a Predator? Really? Did they find a costume in the props department and just throw it in for the heck of it? The movie actually made some kind of sense until that point.

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
I thought it was ok althought the effect can be somewhat be better like how despite Zartan getting shot a million time the bullets apparently didn't get pierced. The Predator seen random (wouldn't it had decapitate Scarlet and Snake Eyes?) until they explain it in the end. I also ain't going to watch the sequel if they going to bring character from games, film and anime (the Major was in the screen) into it.

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Dec 16, 2007
vansau said:
Let's be honest about something: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra <a href=>was pretty much a giant middle finger from Hollywood to ... well, everyone, but especially those of us who grew up in the 1980s watching the animated series.
Speak for yourself Mike, it had Sienna Miller running around in a black leather catsuit. If that's getting the middle finger from hollywood, I'm gonna see what else I can do to try to make it angrier with me.


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Jul 5, 2011
I thought that was pretty cool. GI Joe could have been one of these older IPs that got a reboot like Batman or Spiderman; making something many of us grew up watching with the innocence of a child still relevant with the cynicism of age. But instead Rise of Cobra was .. well .. it was ok. It was like when James Bond migrated to Pierce Brosnan - it became more of a ridiculous action movie than a slick spy story.

As a boy in the mid 80s I had the little 5" plastic GI Joes .. my favourite was Lt Falcon, Duke's brother, a pump action shotgun-toting green beret with a big arse combat knife that fit into a sheath on his backpack.

The scenes in this with the Joe minus his fingers made my laugh (in that stomach churning 'oh God my fingers !!' kinda way) -- I played with Falcon more than any of the others ... and as such, he became a crippled war veteran. His thumbs snapped off, and he could not fight any more. He became the crippled hero who would hold off Cobra whilst the rest of the Joes escaped / completed the mission.

And even now, when I play multiplayer co-op games, you'll always find me being the first to charge back to help a teammate; to run up and start hacking at the tank with my fireaxe to get it off my buddy. The only MMO I ever really bothered to play was Age of Conan (again, childhood fault - I read Savage Sword of Conan as a kid ... it had boobies!) and I was usually the tank player, soaking up damage and drawing fire, giving everyone else a chance to get the damned job done.

I'm also a big fan of good fan movies, such as the Fallout: Nuka Break series.

Also, the Scarlet chick in Nuka Break is the foxiest wastelander I've ever seen. Goddamn, those hips! ... the way she walks just makes me want to bite her.

In the good way.

(I think I posted that right ....)


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Jun 3, 2010
someone get idw and darkhorse on the phone we just found the next crossover for them!


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May 20, 2009
ummm... i grew up with the GI joe cartoons and well i thought rise of cobra wasn't bad. Yeah it wasn't all american fist pumping camp but it wasn't nostalgia rape the same way tranformers was... ehhh... this is okay for a fan film.