Hope Rides Alone: The Protomen

Shannon Drake

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Jul 11, 2006
Hope Rides Alone: The Protomen

The Escapist: At the end of the album, Mega Man has won the battle, but his spirit seems crushed and it seems like humanity/the chorus has traded one propaganda hero for another. A hollow victory, in other words. Will you be expanding upon the initial album? Where do you go from there?

The Protomen: Act II is currently being transcribed from the walls of the Thundercon. From here it seems we look back to the beginnings of the downfall of man. The broken friendship of Light and Wily - and the tragedy that nearly destroyed the hope of man.

The Escapist: From what I understand, you're on tour right now. Where can people go if they want to check out the band and see if you're coming near them?

The Protomen: We have just finished our Hope Rides East tour. We made it safely through the city streets of the east. When we arrived home, we immediately started organizing our war campaign "Unrest in the Midwest" for July 2007. There are so many who wish to stand and fight with us, and we hope to bring the fight to every cry around the world. Keep your senses to theprotomen.com for where the battles will reach next.

We are few and we are always looking for those who want to help in the struggle for victory.