How do you/what helps you to calm down?


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May 26, 2009
Morning people of the escapist,

Yesterday i was having a bad day, I slept in, found out the invites for my 21st we're going to cost a lot of money, finally realised i had freeloading friends, couldnt get i touch with my bike instructor who i NEED to speak to ASAP. Then had my mother unload all her problems onto me (that 2 hour conversation was a drag man), so i thought "ill play some CoD to relax"

Bad. Move.

All it seemed to do was wind me up to the point of seething rage, due to the skill level being too high (im not that good, I dont want to be matched with people who are 900th prestige and havent seen daylight since MW2 release.), XB trolls & unfair teams (6 lvls 50-70 vs 6 lvls 30-60, fair?) and this time, Instead of throwing the controller, Slamming the Xbox off and swearing myself into an early grave via high blood pressure, I instead turned onto twitter & vented there.

Bad. Move. Two. On a roll here Steve.

So i then said something i half meant in a blind rage & then shouted at someone who really didnt deserve it... <color=white>Sorry mcMuffin. /sadface
After banning myself from here so i dont lose my neo chances for...Excessive rage in my posts, i then had a good ol' fashion rant to the Asylum Group who listened and showed me timesplitters to help the rage go. <color=white>I love you guys, Even you soupy.

I then discovered (thanks to a thread on the off topic section (thanks to Darktau!)) Youtube were doing a video text...thing.

To test it out, I thought i tried a song i hold dear to myself...and i found this (Now please bare in mind i saw it in all it's text glory, but it doesnt seem to want to embed that version):


After then listening to a lot more coldplay, my rage was just...Drained. I found Coldplay to be my "chill Button", and very handy if i feel like im about to murder.

So my question to you, The Cpt_Oblivious, The Hubilub & The Souplex and everyone else...(My good bad & ugly parady may have been missed there) - What calms you down if you're angry?[/B]

(incidently, the search bar displayed one other recent result from 6th march, its pretty much on the limit for this to not be classed as a repeat thread...honest!)


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Jun 28, 2009
When I really need to calm down, I go out in the woods and chill for a while. Nature really relaxes me, so I go out there when I'm feeling stressed or pissed.


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Nov 2, 2008
It seems to all boil down to music for me, though I pick different songs.

One of 2 different types of song do the trick:
1) Parade from Paprika's Soundtrack. I just listen intently to it and my anger or sadness just flies away.

2) Loud, loud Metal. Nothing calms me down like the lovely, angry death screams...

Iron Criterion

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Feb 4, 2009
Bubblewrap. I have a 5ft by 3ft sheet of the stuff under my bed which I vent on. Or I play thrash metal songs on my guitar much to the disdain of my friends because I'm a power metal guitarist.


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Jan 2, 2010
I curl up with my iPod set to tracks from the piano collections from FFVI or FFVII (or some of the lovely OCRemix instrumentals I have), close my eyes, and breathe deeply. Either I come back calm or I fall asleep, so it's a win-win.


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Nov 10, 2009
I just set off the horde on Left 4 Dead 2 when its on easy and equip a machete with gore turned on, soooooooo good for frustration and/or just talk to my bird or fish when I am sad


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Jun 23, 2009
I either have a bath, or have a nap.
Both of those usually help de-stress me, but anger I try to just let go.
It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes I can just let go of my angriness and chill.
It usually helps with all of these things to do them in a quiet room, especially anger.
Any annoying noises just make it worse.

Doctor What

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Jul 29, 2008
I chop some wood, play some wall ball, blast some "flight of the conchords."

So...physical stress and laughing!


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Feb 8, 2010
some chilled music usually or reading.
Or "other stuff"
weirdly movies dont relax me. When i first saw slumdog millionare i left the cinema feeling very pumped and excitably. This was also the day i learnt you should have try to hug bikers.


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Aug 19, 2009
I like putting on something funny and pointless, like a RiffTrax I've seen a million times, and then playing a single-player game for a while.