How Your PC Can Make You Better at Warcraft


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May 17, 2009
Zeeky_Santos said:
i on the other hand think that this removes all skill from playing. the true difficulty of the game (that made it fun) was because only the 1337est micro management could save you from oblivion. getting a script to do this is considered haxxors.
True skill from playing DotA is from being able to LH/deny well, knowing when to gank/push etc plus general knowledge of the hero your playing. This tool does none of this and never will. If your bad at the game this app will not help you.

I see this as more of a newbie aid and its the main reason I assist in the project but have no use for it myself (Except on Invoker).

I still do no understand how this crappy little article of ours got on here and slashdot though.