Hudson Expects Big Things From Nintendo

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Hudson Expects Big Things From Nintendo

Wii []console should lead to nearly quadrupled profits in only three years.

Michihiro Ishizuka, the new president at Hudson, told DS []platforms.

"Two years from now will be the time when game-software developers' profits are expected to grow the most, after the winner and loser for consoles becomes clear," Ishizuka said. "I will ensure earnings jumping in the next three years by promoting licensing of our games and increasing spending on promotions." He added that Hudson intends to pay a dividend for the past fiscal year, the first time the company has done so in five years.

"The game-software industry is one of the sectors that will lead corporate earnings this fiscal year," said Yoshihiro Okumura of Chiba-gin Asset Management in Tokyo. "In particular, companies related to Nintendo have a lot of room for profit growth." Nintendo recently passed Enterbrain []figures, and is expected to pass Sony in worldwide console sales at some point during this fiscal year.